Sunday, 27 July 2014

Chopping the heads off spaniards

Way back before I even came into the Oldhammer movement/scene/collection of nerdy teachers (delete as applicable) I started another of the many projects that have stalled since. I'm a amateur student of history and 4 or 5 years ago my interests moved past the Italian wars (still a fascinating period of history) and on to europe in the late 16th century. I particular I bought and devoured every book I could find covering the Dutch Revolt (as well as the French wars of religion). Strangely, this is an area of history that isn't particularly well served by the 28mm miniatures industry. There are options however. I've bought a load of Foundry's swashbucklers to serve as dutch or english - arquebusiers, musketeers, halberdiers, swordsman and pikemen. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

New old lead

A couple of recent eBay wins have just surfaced from the vats of fairy power spray and half joined the back of the painting queue like the good citizens they are. Above is the Pirate (yes, another
bloody pirate!) from the original set of Rogue Trader figures.
He's a cool looking dude but appears to have a bucket for a head. The bucket may or may not have a little face on it, I'm still trying to decipher it little lumps and bumps. I'm not going to bother trying to collect all these figs as it'd likely drive me potty! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Top Ten miniatures

In a blatant piece of Bandwagon jumping I thought I'd do a post about my top ten miniatures. The idea started on the oldhammer facebook group and has spread into the blogosphere with Axiom, Orlygg and Chico publishing their own top tens.  I'm going to stick to citadel miniatures as it makes my life easier. So in no particular order I present the 10 miniatures that I love the most (at the moment, it'll change next week, I'm fickle like that!)

Hrothyogg, Ogre Mercenary. This figure has everything you want from an Ogre mercenary, big, imposing, mean looking and brutish. Just the thing to add a bit of muscle to your army.

Agaroth the unwashed. I only became aware of this figure recently. He is from before my time as a wargamer but I fell in love with his skinny little viciousness.  He is a half-orc and looks the part, just a mean, sneaky little bastard.
This is my favourite figure from the Adventurers range, the Space Eunuch. This one is Cheetors version. He just screams techno-barbarian to me. Some barely civilised space-ball with a bad attitude and nasty weapons. Every bad guys dangerous muscle man.

Citadel Uruk-Hai. Specifically the middle figure. Somebody I knew, one of the two guys I used to game with, owned this model and I coveted it so bad when we were kids. something about the swaggering menace of him just got me in the part of the brain that reacts to the 'shiny'. He is going to be used a champion in a hobgoblin unit simply because I want an excuse to use him.

This is a figure I remember painting when I was a kid. He is a Strider/ Aragorn figure by Citadel. I remember thinking that the sword was really sharp! Such a cool figure, his slight downward gaze and his fencing pose and long hair just suggest that there is so much more to the dark stranger that you've met in a bar.

The Ambull. Nuff said.

Bob Olley Adeptus Mechanicus. I've grown to love Bob's mini's and this one is beauty. There is so much detail and intricacy in this that it kind of intimidates me. I haven't built up the courage to paint mine yet but when I do I'm going to take my time and lavish it with attention.

Another Bob Olley sculpt that I want to spend an age painting. The genestealer patriarch on throne. Not so much a playing piece as a centre piece of years of campaigns. Even the magus is a pretty little figure in it's own right but the whole thing has an imposing menace that just ooozes cool.

The Placcy ork. This may be an odd choice but without this figure I probably wouldn't be doing this now. Like many of us, I left the hobby in my late teens and didn't pick it up again till I was nearly 30. Having been an ork player in my youth I went straight for Orks again. I built, converted and painted hundreds of these little buggers and doing so built my chops up from scratch. I'll always have a soft spot for the particular sprue. I know it inside out.

Finally, Chaos Champion with Bone Armour. I don't own this guy yet but it's not through lack of trying. He is just the right kind of evil bastard that I want leading my chaos army when I get round to painting it. The bare head hints at the figures past as a human being but also the transforming power of chaos. He is at once wizened and powerful. Perhaps only motivated by whatever hate he has left for his enemy.

There you go. That is my Top 10 at the moment. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope I reminded you of some of the great figures that citadel have released over the years.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

An interview with Osiris Klunge - or anything but a one!

One of those lovely surprise happened yesterday, Neil, he who has played in the first Sensei game and came to Salute with me, my best man and my oldest friend, happened to be nearby (well in the same half of the country) and popped over to visit. We spent last night drinking and chatting and catching up. This morning we had a brief opportunity, between the kids going on a play date and him having to catch a train) to play a game. I threw a board together and we came up with a quick scenario.

In her relentless search for the nefarious pirate, Abdul Goldberg, Jenny Tong of Channel Omega news has tracked down the notorious smuggler and racketeer, Osiris Klunge hoping that he may have some useful info. Klunge has been on the run since the incident at Scumsville and has been tracked down by a kill team from the space sharks chapter. The Space Sharks have assumed that Jenny is being held prisoner and have decided now is the time to raid the old water purification plant that Klunge has been using as a hideout.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

This time I'm definately finished.....honest.

After some discussion with Cheetor about the make of his orky gang the Skallywags, I realised that I was going to need a couple of more figures to make Blovelt's Buccaneers at least equal in number. I was originally just going to use a couple of figures I already had painted but I thought, fuck it, Let's do some more!

So these two reprobates get added to the crew. The lefthand figure is from the citadel Judge Dredd range and is simply known as Dib, I liked his bowler hat and the fact that his pose made him fit in with the rest of the lads. The other figure is from the Adventurers range I discussed a couple of posts back. He's an 'Ex-Tech'. God knows what the means but he's armed with neat little flamer that should cause havoc in the narrow passages of Ferrograd.
And here are all the lads together. That little Arvus is going to be cramped as hell if they actually manage to get away with the loot!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

In action

A couple I quick pics of the Ferrograd board in use. For the past couple if years I've run a days worth of games for kids as part of the end if term 'enrichment activities'. Cut down 40k rules and team games. Some of the kids had never played before and had a blast. That's what it's all about! 

Yesterday's MDF buildings painted up to match the rest of the board. They worked out pretty well. And when I got home see what was waiting for me....

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

....for cutie

Another job done! I've slapped some paint (well, skooshed really) onto the Jalopy. It looks pretty cool if I say so myself.
It looks very much like the rusty Death Cab that I was going for, like it's been runnig around in the desert getting beaten up for ages. It's till pretty speedy though and woe betide any ash wastes copper who thinks they can catch the Death Cab and arrest the passengers. Death Cab - we'll get you where you want to go, dead or alive!

I'm rapidly working my way through my BOYL projects. I glued together a load of MDF buildings. I've had these sitting around for a month or so but finally decided to unpack them. They are a bit fiddly to put together but they are cheap so you can't really argue. The nice thing is that it turns out that I had twice as much as I thought. My order seems to have been doubled, I'm not sure if this was my fault or the retailer but it does give me a load more stuff to use. I'll paint it up to match the rest of Ferrograd as I got a new pot of rust pigment in the post so I can go daft again!

Because I was doing so well with my painting/building I decided to sabotage it all by starting a couple of new figures to add to the pirate gang to bring them up to 16. Silly me.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Oldhammer +

In an attempt to take over the internet the Oldhammeristas have moved into a new digital pasture and we are promoting it on our blogs in an attempt to attract all you internet readers to join in. The oldhammer google+ page can be found here oldhammer+ so come along and join in the fun.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Open for business!

Through the towers and ziggaruts of Ferrograd a shining beacon beckons weary travellers to come and refresh themselves.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Fuzz!

I painted the Official from the adventurers range last night in an attempt to wean myself off World of Tanks. I painted him in the same colourss the Rogue Trooper traitor general as I wanted to use them as security officials (incredibly corrupt security officials with no loyalty to the imperium!) and leaders for the security troopers. With BOYL only a month away I'm starting to worry that I'm running out of time to get stuff done. What with work, visiting relatives and kids I reckon I'm going to be cutting it fine.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sorting out the Hobgobs!

I haven't been posting a lot recently and for that you can blame World of Tanks which I recently downloaded on the Ipad. By christ it's addictive! So the post will be an attempt at focusing me away from trying to upgrade to a KV-1 and instead onto the more important job of army building! It occurred to me that I've never actually owned a proper Fantasy army. I've got figures that can be used as Bretonnians and Empire and bizarrely a lot of them are citadel figs but they were originally meant to be Medieval europeans. When I was a kid I had some orcs, some goblins, some skaven and some chaos Dwarves but it wasn't an army as such. Just all the fantasy figures I had. This time I want a proper army!
So I'm going to try and achieve this by collecting and painting an army that doesn't really exist.
Hobgoblins are in Warhammer Armies as a mercenary contingent and that's about it. So I need to use some guess work and some common sense to make up the army. As i'm only likely to play against other sensible old timers rather than competitive types I reckon that should be a good approach.
I've already discussed the models that I'm using here so I won't repeat my self so lets look at how I'm going to organise the army.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

What is it with me and space pirates?

With this guy popping through my post box this morning I have finally completed collecting a range of figures! Woop. In this case it's the Bob Olley sculpted Iron Claw Space Pirates. 

The final figure, Captain Dunbar, took me bloody ages to get a hold of, but then apparently that's perfectly normal. I heard a programme about probability on radio 4 (yes I listen to Radio4!) and they were using collecting football stickers as and example. There is a preconception that there are certain stickers that are rarer than other but this is only down to perception. Probablity dictates that when you are looking for lots of things it's easier to find them as they are more likely to turn up. As you narrow down your parameters to the single item you are trying to find then the chances of it turning up are the same as all the others in a set turning up. But as you only want the one and the other 16 keep appearing then you get frustrated and assume that someone has made it deliberately hard by reducing the number there are to find! There, bear that in mind next time you're on ebay!

Anyway here are the rest of the human members of the Pirates. Some I've started to paint and others are still in their naked form.

 And here are the alien dudes that I painted some time ago. I'm going to add to this lot at some point with the space fishmen!

And just in case you think that all I ever go on about is Sci'fi and rogue trader here is a pic of some of the fantasy stuff I'm planning to get started on as soon as prep for BOYL is out of the way.
Here we have some half orcs (left) and Hobgoblins (right) that I've been doing as experiments for flesh colours. Hopefully the autumn will be full of fantasy goblinoid painting as I start to paint my first dedicated fantasy army EVER!

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