Thursday, 19 July 2018

Buffed up!

It was finally time to put all my toys on the table and run a game of Sharply buffed at my local club. As you may or may not know, I've been slowly painting up figure for playing games set during the early stages of the Dutch revolt. I've been slowly plugging away for about 3 years now, doing bits and pieces as and when I have time and motivation. I've flirted with a variety of rulesets but finally plumped for a variation of the TooFatLardies Sharp Practice. The rules adaptation was published in the Lardy summer special in 2017 and go by the name of Sharply Buffed and are specifically written by Nick Worthington to reflect the period of warfare that i'm interested in playing, the late 16th century.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Chaos in the East

Sometimes you write a post and you've answered all your own questions about the subject and you can put it to bed, it doesn't rub itself around your ankle like a hungry cat anymore. Other times though you write a post and you end up giving yourself more to think about. People comment on your post and send you off on a voyage of discovery that means the first post is never going to be enough. This is what happened with my Cathay/Nippon post. What started out as an exhortation for gamers to explore setting their games in the east has developed into a rumbling background brain tease where I try to use logic to create an idea of how Warhammer would exist if it were based in Nippon.

Now, before we go any further you need to go away and read the articles in the brilliant Awesome Lies blog. Gideon (for that is the authors name) has done an excellent job of cataloguing the background information on Nippon from various WFB sources. He then goes on to explore the Tetsubo supplement in detail (and provides a link for you to go exploring yourself) and discusses the reasons it fails to reflect the Warahmmer world and the, in the last part, suggests how Nippon might look in the Warhammer world. I only discovered this blog after publishing my last post and it's this last part of his investigation that has had my head buzzing. The rest of his blog is well worth reading as well! Off you go an read it. I'll wait.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Far Flung Cathay (and Nippon)

Between 1984 and 1990 citadel released over 160 figures in their 'Oriental Heroes' ranges (C Series C05, and OH1-5), a set of 20 Zombie Samurai (C18), an Oriental Dragon (C14), a rocket launcher and crew (C22), a Samurai on a Temple Dog and a smattering of other oriental themed minis (an Ogre that looks suspiciously like an Oni for instance). Now, for a company that didn't set it's game in the far east (or even in a fantasy land analogous with the far east) this is a hell of a lot of figures based around a single theme. Yes there was mention of Cathay and Nippon in the rules. Yes there was an army list in Ravening Hordes for 2nd edition and a mercenary list in Warhammer Armies for 3rd but there wasn't a lot of information about either of these nations and to be honest it was mostly focused on Nippon and very little about Cathay.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Mittel Europa - More scenery for Sharp Practice

At some point in the last couple of weeks I decided that I needed a church for the scenario I wanted to run. Like most gamers I went straight to the internet and started browsing for models that might fir my demands. Before i shelled out some of my hard earned cash though, it suddenly occurred that I  needed to learn to use the lasercutter at work and designing a model would be the perfect project to do it.
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