Sunday, 19 June 2016

Buckling your swash in the Emperors name

Even a casual reading of Warhammer or 40K will demonstrate that the writers have a fairly robust knowledge of history and when it comes to playing games it's often handy to have an inkling of historical battles and characters to make your scenarios realistic and interesting. Too often gamers seem to be divided into either historical or fantasy camps with no meeting in between. I find myself being somewhere in the middle. I've done a fair amount of Historical gaming and a lot of the blogs I follow deal almost exclusively in it. Some of them, however, have started to dabble in both which is great. A lot of historical gamers seem to have a bit of Warhammer in their past and and the Oldhammer thing has helped rekindle the love for the old figures and games that brought them into the hobby in the first place. My dabbling in the Dutch revolt has led me to look at other arena's where I can use my figures as I like to have as much flexibility built into my gaming as possible. So where else in the world could a bunch of Spaniards be found fighting against Northern Europeans?


The Caribbean!!

Monday, 13 June 2016


I said that I wanted to get some cavalry done for both sides of my Dutch Revolt armies (they aren't armies yet really, Forces? Units? Companies? Factions? whats the correct nomenclature?) and here are the first lot. A unit a German protestant Reiters.

'Wait a minute!' I here you say, 'You're having us on! Those are nothing but citadel Empire Pistoliers as sculpted by the Perry twins! What are you trying to pull?'

Well, just hang on a minute there. You are right. These aren't historical miniatures at all but they are pretty much spot on for the figures I wish to emulate.

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Bridge at Bergring-er-ding - A Donnybrook battle

Leaving my wife with a pair of screaming children I skipped off into the night to play games with Antipixi and Malc. It's nice to go round your friends house and do a bit gaming. The plan was to try and squeeze some new games in and maybe roll up stats for an RPG character or two.

First things first. Let's moan about work.......
The three of us being teachers this took quite some time......

Right. That's the education system sorted out, lets get on to something serious. 

Chaos Marauders!

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