Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Chaos Renegade Warband - with a bit of cheating

You may remember a little while ago I showed off a new Chaos Renegade conversion that I had done. Well, every Renegade needs a warband and, by hook and by crook, I managed to force one together.

The warband is a mix of old figures, new figures and conversions and they are all ready and willing to cause mayhem on a planet near you (maybe not that near).

Friday, 14 June 2019

Old Schooling: Lord of the Rings Style!!

It only recently occurred to me that Legends of the Old west and Legends of the High seas, two fantastic skirmish games form the old Warhammer Historical stable, were actually younger than the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game. I knew that they shared a rules engine, but for some reason I had assumed the Legends games had come first and that LOTRSBG (as I won't be calling it) had been a derivation of them. Other way round it seems.

This came about because I had a couple of enjoyable games of cowboys and mexicans, using the Legends of the old west rules, at the club last weekend and I realised that I'd never really given Lord of the Rings a go.

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