Thursday, 27 December 2018

No looking back!

Normally at this time of year, bloggers settle down in front of a roaring log fire with big pipe and a nice glass of single malt and review their year. My last year felt a bit all over the place, hobby wise, so I don't feel like reflecting on it. Despite butterflying all over the place I did manage to get a fair amount of figures painted but I felt the drain of a lack of focus. This year I'm going to do stuff differently. This year I'm going to try to plan out my hobby output. Want to hear what I'm thinking of doing? Course you do. Grab a pipe and pour yourself a nip. Here we go!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Are your Ranks just as smelly as your Flanks?

During my morning ablutions I like to have a gander through Facebook and see whats going on. I noticed a post about the new Warlord that's coming out soon. It's a Fantasy game called 'Warlords of Erehwon' and reading through the comments it wasn't long before the age (of sigmar) old question appeared "Is it Rank and Flanks? I want Rank and Flanks. Please let it be Rank and Flanks!". The questioner had to be let down gently, being informed that its a large warband style game (possibly akin to Bolt Action or Gates of Antares, which would make sense).
It wasn't the question as such that had me pondering as I warmed my bones in the scaldingly hot shower, rather it was the other responses that the questioner had been given. As is usual on the interwebs, the response to any ex-warhammer player that hankers after his 'Rank and Flanks' (an awful phrase) is to try and mop up their tears by suggesting they try Kings of War (element based wargame based on a series of historical wargames that make a postive out of the ability to make the elements 'scenic' while dialling down the individuality in terms of game play) or The Ninth Age (A wargame that seems to have been designed by a committee of central europeans who had a strop about Warhammer dieing, made their own version in a fit of pique (Ninth edition = Ninth Age) and are now furiously back pedalling away from the big scary door saying 'WARHAMMER CLONE').

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