Monday, 13 January 2020

How Mortal Realms helped with my Grey Hair.....

Some of you will look at the picture of the latest bunch of figures from a GW mag and immediatly click away, but wait.....this is important....

You may been made aware of a part work magazine doing the rounds from Games Workshop. It's called Mortal Realms and is cheap as chips and comes with a heap of miniatures, dice, rules and bases. You might have tripped over piles of them down your local newsagent as you were picking up a back of Monster Munch. You might have seen the doom laden advert on the telly and been momentarily distracted while doing the ironing. You may even have seen people on the interwebs mentioning that mistakes were made and they bought a copy. To be fair I can't blame folk for picking up a copy of two. I bought one and I might buy a couple more. It's £2.99 and it comes with 13 figures, it's almost rude not to.

This Chaos Champion is a bit Legless!

Just a quick one today. I painted this classic nurgle Chaos Champion as a bit of a palette cleasnser while finishing off the Germans you saw in the last post.

Monday, 6 January 2020

No Resolution, Just words!

Being a Teacher you get to sit and watch other people delivering Assemblies to bleary eyed and disinterested teenagers on a weekly basis. One this morning was all about how new years resolutions generally fail and that they end up making the person feel worse about themselves as the feeling of failure compounds all their worst fears about themselves.

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