Saturday, 25 April 2015

Linz's Post, peer pressure results in hobby

So work has started on the Imperial forces converging on Col's wee band of traitors and heretics, it will be tri fold, a Rogue Trader, a team of assasins from a Forge World and an Inquisitor. Now to actually paint something.....
Naval Armsmen. 
Tasked with defence of the Rogue Traders vessel and 'away teams'. They won't have, but we all know what colour shirts these guys should have. Dead simple head swaps on plastic scouts. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

This is doable.....

Marksmen of Miragliano converted into pikemen, cos I'm a masochist.
I sometimes feel a bit guilty about dragging the OGRE guys into brightness of the dayglo RT future. Most of the guys are hardcore fantasists and keep dangling rusty new scenery in front of them and they have all been excited enough to paint up spacemen and monsters to join in. However I feel that I've got a handicap in not having a fantasy army to join in with the 3rd edition fun. Linz is also a fantasy fan and has been regaling me with the plot of the end times but I stare at him blankly when he comes to naming characters and events, I just haven't immersed myself in the world since playing WFRP in my youth. Time to make a change. I've tried, believe me. I've collected orcs, hobgoblins and chaos and have enough for an army of each. The idea of painting a whole army from scratch just bored the tits off of me though. I'm full of good intentions but I just lose focus so quickly. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Peer Pressure!

On the drive back down from Scotland, Linz and I had a chance to have a long old chat about various things but mostly about toy soldiers. I suggested that we need to do something about getting his hobby mojo back. So using my jealousy of the superb narrative campaign games that they have been playing over at Tales from the maelstrom, I suggested a similar objective for us. We each put together a Warband from concept through to completion and then playing a series of games connected by a narrative. In order to make him take part we decided that he'd be able to post updates and ideas on here as a guest contributor. I figured that once the genie was out of the bottle he'd have no alternative but to get his ass in gear and get stuff done! Especially if he sees that you lot are encouraging him. And who knows, if gets to enjoy this blogging lark then he'll maybe start his own then he'll be able to show you his ridiculous amount of figures including the wood elf army he had as a kid which he found in one of his cases at the weekend.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling and to put some pressure on him, here is the rough concept for my Warband. 

Ferdinand Iago Janson Kellerman is a rich and influential trader from the solar segmentum who has recently moved his business to the backwoods around the Pertiboum system. This has raised some eyebrows as well as suspicions about his motives. 
Ferdinand only has his arms blu-taced on at the moment, I think his sword arm needs to be closer to his body but I like his outstretched arm like his using one of Psyker powers.

Friday, 10 April 2015

The Patriarch isn't going to be happy!

On the way up north to attend a stag do, I stopped off in the midlands to pick up the other best man and also had time to squeeze in a quick game. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


After spending most of yesterday trying to decide what to paint today (no kids, no wife, house to myself) I cut down my original plan if doing 40 orcs and decided instead to paint some Genestealer Hybrids.
All classic sculpts, some of which I've bought, some I've traded and a couple I lucked on.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nonanphelion base painted.

Look Sire! The colours are bold and haphazard! A mad man must have painted it! but  it smells so new? Maybe the emperor is coming?
There we are. An afternoons spray painting and the Nonanphelion base is painted. 
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