Thursday, 26 February 2015

Happy Birthday 2000AD!!

Today 2000AD is 38. That's almost as old as me! 

Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest comic!

Of course it does explain why I kind of assume that it's been around my entire life. Cos it essentially has. But you'd be surprised how many people look blankly at you when you mention it. Folk have all heard of DC and Marvel but the home grown brilliance of 2000AD seems to have passed a lot of people by. Lets celebrate a little on this important day by looking at some of the characters and strips that don't always get mentioned.

Sam Slade - Robo Hunter.
A cigar chomping Bounty hunter out to bring renegade robots to justice alongside his wisecracking baby sidekick. Whats not to like?

Bad Company
The late lamented Brett Ewins strip is based in an Endless future war. A normal bloke is thrust into the war alongside a group of hardened killers. There adventures against the Krool is well worth picking up.

The Ballad of Halo Jones
A brat from the slums and her longing to break out and see the universe. Which she does. The Ballad spans her life and her travels and tribulations across the galaxy.

A superbrat rock star who os actually a superhero. He fights because it's good for his sales. Brilliantly turning the super hero mythos up side down. A hero that wants to be famous and doesn't want to hide. Currently being reissued as hardback collections.

And these are only the tip of the iceberg. Go on, treat yourself, buy some 2000AD collections or grab yourself a copy off of the newsagents shelf. You won't regret it.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Adding some muties to the tribe

Some more converted Scavvies wandered into the under hive to swell the ranks of the Bottom Feeders. A couple of Muties and a Confrontation Scavvy with some self sculpted arms. They are going to come in handy as it looks like they'll be used in anger in a couple of weeks when we play some Necromunda games over at Erny's house.

Here is a quick shot of the whole colourful crew. My excuse us that as they lives in the near darkness of the under hive, they have no idea how bright and colourful they actually are until they burst into some unsuspecting sector and cause havoc.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Friends of the Doctors

Just a quick post to show off some figures that I forgot to take pics of. These are three citadel ice warriors that I bought and painted for my mate, Neil's birthday. I got them as they were released at the same time as the three doctors that I painted for him and I thought they'd make a nice set. 

As I was up visiting him today I thought I'd take the chance to photograph them and show them off. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Everybody loves a Squat

None of the plethora of races that populate the 40K universe say 'Rogue Trader' more emphatically than the good old hairy Squat. No other race says over priced ebay hype louder than the squat as well but we can talk about that another day. Right now I simply want to revel in the glory that is the most sensible race in the universe (and ignore Jervis' throw away comment about them being eaten by nids).

Let's face it, we all know that the joy of Rogue Trader is that it's just Warhammer fanstasy in space and part of the hook dragged us all joyously into the (randomly numbered) far future was that we recognised all the races from our existing armies but they looked so much cooler with guns! And come on, doesn't a dwarf look far cooler chomping on a cigar and bracing himself against the recoil of an oversized bolter than stoically hefting a hammer?

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Scavvy update

It occured to me that I hadn't shown off my finished Scavvies before they took part in the fight against Erny and Snicket. So here is the crew so far.

You'll recognise most of them from WIP satges but some of them are newly painted (probably why they died so quickly during the game!)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Turf war! - Erny and Snicket @ chez whiskey

To round off my weekend of games I invited Erny and Snicket round on Monday night for a game of RT. Erny brought round some of his Orks (yeah he does the 40k version as well!) and Snicker borrowed some of my Imperial army. The boys decided they wanted to play on the big rusty board and we had a chat about scenario's and we decided that Erny's Orks and my Scavvies were in the middle of a turf war in some ramshackle back water hive. We could win by having more figures than the other in the opposite teams deployment area. Snicket's imperialists were trying to receive some very rare STC constructs, strange tyre's that are a bright and strange colour! He had to retrieve the constructs and get back off his deployment area, namely the stairs coming out of the lower corner.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Vlarg's next move

Nearly a year ago Neil and I got together at his house and pitted his chaos renegade war band against my Sensei war band. The resultant clash, Battle of NIttin, saw The Sensei, Zander Van Zant and his war band having to retreat in tatters from the lair of Vlarg Half-Iron. One of the Sensei's war band , poor little Gerson, failed to recover from his injuries and while attempting to recover and lay their comrade to rest the Sensei were jumped by an imperial hunting party. In Escape from Gerson's Rest the Sensei managed to fight their way through the imperialists giving them a severe bloody nose.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

He is the Law

Down in the sub basement of Rip Torn block the Citi-def have had enough. Local gangs have taken over and all kinds of illegal activities have been taking place, scaring the fatties and causing funny smells in the air-resyk system. It's time something was done! We don't need no judges to sort out our block! Lets blast them gangers to Grud!

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