Thursday, 19 February 2015

Friends of the Doctors

Just a quick post to show off some figures that I forgot to take pics of. These are three citadel ice warriors that I bought and painted for my mate, Neil's birthday. I got them as they were released at the same time as the three doctors that I painted for him and I thought they'd make a nice set. 

As I was up visiting him today I thought I'd take the chance to photograph them and show them off. 


  1. You're only two Dalek's away from a full set from the advert! I love these old minis, so much character, and you've certainly done them justice.

  2. T.B. is right. These look great. Especially John Pertwee. Great work!

  3. Cracking work Dude, would love to see how any of the incarnations of the Doctor would fare in the Underhives of Necromunda!!!!!!!!

  4. Just popped in from sho3box to see your Doctor Who stuff here. (N)ice Warriors! I have the Black Tree equivalent of these half painted on my own desk. The Doctors look great too. I've never actually painted any of the Citadel ones but they seem a different, more cartoony style than the BT sculpts. Third looks like he's about to unleash some Kung-Fu here.


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