Sunday, 1 February 2015

He is the Law

Down in the sub basement of Rip Torn block the Citi-def have had enough. Local gangs have taken over and all kinds of illegal activities have been taking place, scaring the fatties and causing funny smells in the air-resyk system. It's time something was done! We don't need no judges to sort out our block! Lets blast them gangers to Grud!

A concerned citizen had squeeled to a Judge and the Justice dept had responded in force.

The gangers spread out along the walk ways.

The cite-def moved round the flank. One soldier climbs up on top of the gunk-tank with his heavy spit-gun and sprays the gangers with a volley of high-calibre lead, killing two. He gets plugged Mistress Beeswax in the next phase, toppling off of the towering structure.

The judges head to the gangers first, a juve takes a pot shot at the lead Judges head, which he ducks with studied cool.

The judges dispatch the eager Juve and order the other gangers to prepare themselves for the isocubes, without much success.  In the resulting firefight one Judge goes down and another is wounded but another 3 gangers are sent for resyk. At the same time a firefight at the lower level claims the brave life of another of Megacity 1's finest (and some more gangers!)

The cite-def move to a position where they can see the action and despite ganger bullets pinging off the masonry around them open fire at the judges across the way.

Judge Blair cooly returns fire. Armour piercing rounds fell two citi-defers with frightening ease!

Forcing the rest of the cite-def to find an alternate route.

The judges whittle down the gang members through a mix of firepower and arrests.

One of the gang heroes uses the shadows to blast two unaware cite-def but their armour saves them. And he dies in a hail of spit-gun revenge.

Another volley finishes off the remainder of the gang. Captain Mandaring orders his men to finish the job and deal with the judges who have trespassed into their block!

Two soldiers sneak forward, under fire, to try and get round the Judges Flank. A couple of them are wounded so a couple of lucky shots and the odds would easily tip in their favour.

The Judges leap over the barriers and onto the the raised concourse and take a bead on some of the perps.

Captain Mandaring, The medic and another Soldier move across the scum river to support the attack.

'Hi-ex!' One shot from the judges take out all three! The remaining soldiers give up the ghost and another Block succumbs to the rule of Law.

First time playing Warlord/Mongooses Judge Dredd game. It actually works pretty well. The judges are just as you'd imagine. Pretty nails but with enough firepower you can take the down. The range of ammo they can use really hands some power to them. Neil's gangers put up a good fight but with out any armour or heavy weapons they went down like nine-pins. The cite-def spent most of the game sneaking round to get into decent positions especially after seeing how effective the AP bullets were. Once the leader had been blown up it was all over. I reckon we'll play it again as the rules were simple and we picked it up really quickly. I've got loads of other figures for other gangs so I may get more of these painted in the future.


  1. I can't speak for the campaign elements or the relative balance between the various gangs etc, but the core engine of the JDMG ruleset us solid, intuitive and fun.

    MrSaturday and I have some ambitious dread related plans this year so it's great to see some more love for gaming in the setting around.

    A great looking table with lovely miniatures like yours always helps of course. Zarjaz stuff.

  2. Amazing table and great game report.

  3. The new corridors look fantastic. Great AAR. Looks like it was a fun game . . . for the law.


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