Tuesday, 26 January 2016

More Spanish Decapitation

Back in the mists of time I explored getting the most out of citadels Estallian arquebusiers to use as Spaniards for dutch revolt games (which is what they essentially are thanks to the lovely Perry bros). In this post I took a saw to the two guys on the left and centre of this photo. I do however have just as many copies of the dude on the right. I need to pull my finger out and figure how to spread the head swapping love.

Going back to the start, you can see that the citadel guys mix well with Foundry figures (far left) and Gamezone (far right). So that gives me a lot more flexibility with choice of figure.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hobgoblin Rampant

The first miniatures of the year roll off the production line (well, the kitchen table) in the form of another 20 Aly Morrison Hobgoblins. These maniacal little sneaks will eventually be a third of the Hobgoblin infantry strength in the army. I've been doing them in dribs and drabs since the start of the year (you know what going back to work is like) and it's nice to a solid chunk of figures under my belt in January.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Old man = Happy man

Time has finally caught up with me. I completed my Fortieth year on the planet and my lovely wife organised a surprise night out with a bunch of my old friends who came from as far away as Aberdeenshire to help me celebrate getting over the hill. Of course she managed to keep it secret till the evening so that I spent most of the day thinking I was a really boring and shitty (as in cleaning the toilet, yep she got me to clean the toilet on my birthday!) day. In the evening, however, her duplicitous nature was revealed and we had a a great night drinking and stuffing our faces with Tapas.

The distinct advantage to having a momentous birthday is the upgrade in presents, both number and quality. So I thought I use this post to boast about my Birthday haul.

The haul in most of it's glory

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

When is oldhammer not oldhammer and does it matter? or How i stopped worrying and learned to love my miniatures

It's only recently occurred to me that I might not be an archetypal Oldhammerer (if such a person exists). Someone asked about 'Oldhammerable' ranges on another forum and I gave him the standard answer, naming various minature ranges etc. but then another commenter suggested that that wasn't the point and that it should be about playing with what you have. That you should be bending the games to fit the miniatures you own rather than the other way round. That the games were originally designed to allow people to play mass games using their collection of figures (a collection that they may have just built up playing RPG's or buying figures that they liked ). As I read his reply I felt myself agreeing. Of course that's what it's about! This thought started to bump up against a couple of others until it got to the point where I felt I needed to write some stuff down.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Confrontation Scenario

 Roll 1

Roll 2

54- A Technogang have made a radio controlled android with a powerful weapon mounted in it. They have been using this device to perpetrate felonies. Now they have been cornered by those they have been stealing from, who have to deal with the android as well as the Technogang. The android cannot be distinguished from a real human being. It counts as an Exo-armoured target and has 1 randomly determined type of power field defence. It is armed with 1 randomly determined hand weapon (or pistol), and should move and fight as a human. Generate a profile for the android as if it were a gang leader. 

Sub plot

Roll 1

Roll 2

10 - The gang had the opportunity to use treacherous elements in a rival gang. Part of the gangs wealth may be allocated to bribe members of another gang. The bribe must be equal to the Prestige points of the parties to be bribed x D10. Only a high prestige character such as a potential rival leader or the lowest prestige characters are likely to betray their own gang. If more than one gang is attempting bribery, the traitors respond to the highest babe offered when the bribes are revealed. Lower bribes are not returned. Bribed characters change sides during the confrontation. There is a 50% chance of each bribed character changing sides when he shoots or fights for the first time in the battle. The test is only made once. If he does not change sides he is assumed to remain loyal and double-crossthose paying the bribe.

Well that sounds like a fun game.
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