Sunday, 17 January 2016

Old man = Happy man

Time has finally caught up with me. I completed my Fortieth year on the planet and my lovely wife organised a surprise night out with a bunch of my old friends who came from as far away as Aberdeenshire to help me celebrate getting over the hill. Of course she managed to keep it secret till the evening so that I spent most of the day thinking I was a really boring and shitty (as in cleaning the toilet, yep she got me to clean the toilet on my birthday!) day. In the evening, however, her duplicitous nature was revealed and we had a a great night drinking and stuffing our faces with Tapas.

The distinct advantage to having a momentous birthday is the upgrade in presents, both number and quality. So I thought I use this post to boast about my Birthday haul.

The haul in most of it's glory

The Mad Max art book is full of fascinating concept art and some brilliant stuff I hadn't seen before. It really makes the connection with 2000ad, that has been hinted at in various places, far more explicit. And who's going say no to all the Mad Max films alongside making of documentaries? Not me.

Talking of 2000ad there is the Hardback Ro-Busters anthology. Lots of chaos from Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein. I'm looking forward to reading this.

From my fellow Wipsters came this Signed book of Simon Bisley artwork. Some great stuff in here, mostly from Heavy Metal magazine and featuring a tremendous amount of boobs. Expect to see some figures influenced by this and the mad max book at some point in the future.

Something a little more highbrow and fantastic collection of imaginary creatures from illustrated manuscripts. I haven't had a good look through it yet but I looks very intriguing.

This working model of Da Vinci designed catapult combines all kinds of interests and I'm thankfully old enough to play with it ;)

No birthday would be complete without some booze. A couple of single Malts, whisky glasses and a nice bottle of Rioja should keep me happy for a wee bit.

I'd mentioned to a mate that if i was going to play age of sigmar i'd use the Nurgle models. Seems like he took me at my word!

This very cute book takes a lot of parenting truisms and sticks Darth Vader's helmet on them.

Some old figures made their way into one of pressies as well. Some Orks, Some Orcs, Some Paranoia guards and a goblin!

The weird thing in the middle is actually a multi use drawing tool, just the kind of thing that i find irresistible!

Another graphic novel from Jodorowsky and the Humanoids crew, more details on this as I read it.

And finally a min Lego version of myself, framed for all posterity.

All in all, i'm pretty chuffed with my lot. I've got some other stuff that isn't appropriate to discuss here as well some cash and a load of book tokens to spend.

And I invented a new word.


Not bad for a 40 year old.


  1. Surprise parties are wonderful. Looks like you have a pretty solid group of friends who know you well enough to get some some pretty cool presents. Best wishes for the year.

  2. Good haul. The Bisley book looks really interesting. Loved his ABC warriors stuff.

  3. Ton of great stuff!
    Happy b-day!!! =D

  4. Woow, awesome! Happy birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday you old git. Wouldn't catch me being 40.

  6. Happy Birthday! Some great presents you've got there.

  7. Who says gamers are difficult to buy for :-)
    Just trying to convince the wife to do the same rather than the usual amazon offerigs.

    1. Yeah we're pretty easy... as long as you pay a little attention when we're yammering about our hobby. If the response is "that's nice dear" they still won't know what we want :(

  8. Happy 40th sir! I'll be celebrating the same anniversary in October.

  9. Nice haul. As great as it is that you got figures, I have to admit that the rioja and the catapult are truly excellent components.

  10. Happy 40th... Those Blightkings are fantastic models. I've painted ten of 'em. They reminded me of the Oldhammer days where every chaos warrior was a badass champion!

  11. A somewhat belated happy birthday! Nice haul. Hope you enjoy it all to the fullest. :)


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