Sunday, 3 January 2016

Confrontation Scenario

 Roll 1

Roll 2

54- A Technogang have made a radio controlled android with a powerful weapon mounted in it. They have been using this device to perpetrate felonies. Now they have been cornered by those they have been stealing from, who have to deal with the android as well as the Technogang. The android cannot be distinguished from a real human being. It counts as an Exo-armoured target and has 1 randomly determined type of power field defence. It is armed with 1 randomly determined hand weapon (or pistol), and should move and fight as a human. Generate a profile for the android as if it were a gang leader. 

Sub plot

Roll 1

Roll 2

10 - The gang had the opportunity to use treacherous elements in a rival gang. Part of the gangs wealth may be allocated to bribe members of another gang. The bribe must be equal to the Prestige points of the parties to be bribed x D10. Only a high prestige character such as a potential rival leader or the lowest prestige characters are likely to betray their own gang. If more than one gang is attempting bribery, the traitors respond to the highest babe offered when the bribes are revealed. Lower bribes are not returned. Bribed characters change sides during the confrontation. There is a 50% chance of each bribed character changing sides when he shoots or fights for the first time in the battle. The test is only made once. If he does not change sides he is assumed to remain loyal and double-crossthose paying the bribe.

Well that sounds like a fun game.


  1. It's interesting how tables of plots and sub-plots like these can fire up the imagination so much. I must thank a good look at those charts.

    Nice dice tray too :)

  2. Hi, this chart that you roll on, is it available somewhere?
    It´s not in one of the White Dwarves right?

    1. I see, thanks for the quick answer anyway.


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