Monday, 28 December 2015

The Last of The Warm Jets

King of Lead Hats
Yay!! I had some time to myself! Knee deep in plastic toys and discarded battery packets I managed to get the paints out an finish the last member of the Psyker gang and I've dubbed him the King of Lead Hats (which is nearly the title of and Eno song paying tribute to a famous group that he went on to produce...I'll let you figure it out).

The Warm Jets

Sunday, 20 December 2015


As I was trawling around eBay trying to find the last figure for the marauder Tech Gang I go to pondering about them and what they get out of being 'gangers'. Tech gangs are unique to Confrontation and never made the leap to Necromunda or any of the other GW games. I suppose you might suggest that Van Saar are their inheritors but they don't quite have the same pull for me.

Who are the people that make up Tech Gangs and why do they become gang members? As I'm on my way to owning two different Gangs. I suppose I should explore these questions a bit shouldn't i?

First up, what do the confrontation rules say about the Tech Gangs?

Monday, 14 December 2015

Seadogs and Spaniards

I kind of feel that I've neglected my Dutch revolt/ Elizabethan Gothic project for some time and I feel the itch to do some more. I've been hunting round the house to find pennies to mount more figures on and I've been deliberating (i'm not sure this is the right word - you know that thing we all do when we have a project in mind, we read books, look at google image searches, organise miniatures, consider rules sets etc. It's like being pregnant with an idea. You go around dreaming of what it'll be like when it's all grown up and you get ready for it's arrival, building a little hobby nest and making sure it'll have everything it needs) about the different areas of the project, terrain, rules, scenery etc.

It's mostly the fault of Osprey I think. As well as Dragon Rampant coming my way I also gave in and ordered Frostgrave (as well as Black Ops last month!) but what has me excited is En Garde! which is a swashbuckling skirmish game based on the Ronin rules they released a year or so back.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Old hammerers doing their bit

One of my fellow Wipsters, Captain Crooks, has a brother who has been struck down with a Brain Tumour. As you can imagine this has had a massive effect on his life and Family and although he has come through the operation to remove the tumour his recovery is going to be long and difficult.

In order to help him and his family cope with this period a bunch of us Oldhammerers have donated bits and bobs to an ebay sale to raise funds to help keep his family afloat through his long recovery.

Being Oldhamerers and Wipster the donations are of the miniature variety and some of them are very rare pieces indeed. Have a look at the auction of goodies at the Love a brothers, brother eBay auctions.

If you'd rather just donate some cash then you can go to Tom's GoFundMe page and donate there.


Monday, 7 December 2015

The scavvies who tried to steal Christmas

Up on the hill Sir Chuffingthorpe looked down into the ruins of Happitoon and wondered where his contact was. The jolly chap on the end of the Vox had said that he was in bound but that had been some time ago. He had all these lovely gifts waiting to be picked up and all he asked in return were some of the bits and bobs that had been left lying about in the ruins. He certainly wasn't going to waste any energy looking for the damned things when there were plenty of other idiots only too happy to go scrabbling around in the ruins. Besides he might bump into that hoighty-toity elf. Nothing worse than a bit of competition to ruin ones afternoon Gin session.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Scavvy Porn - Mobile friendly version 2

Just because some people seem to be unable to view the previous post I thought I'd try again so that folks can see the pics.

Virgin unopened blister

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