Thursday, 7 February 2019

Messing about on the North West Frontier

I've gotten it into my head that I'll run another game at next Septembers Lardy Day, 'Clotted Lard' at the Exeter club that I attend. The theme I hit upon was an action on the North West Frontier between British India and Afghanistan. Now normal games set in this area are focussed during the victorian era but I thought I'd be a bit different and set it between the wars. There was in fact a war between Britain and Afghanistan during this period (the 3rd Anglo-Afghan war in 1919) so tensions were running high throughout the period. The main reason for choosing this time frame is that I get to use the lovely Empress figures from their 'Jazz-age Imperialism' range. Its all very well being splash the cash on some lovely lead but these chaps are going to need some place to fight over. With that in mind it was off to the workshop to start building myself a hill fort.

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