Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Building a little village

I recently took advantage of some pre-Christmas offers from some games companies in order to try and build some more appropriate scenery for my Dutch Revolt games (of course anything used in those is easily transferrable to a fantasy setting so double win!). I've been admiring the scenery that Rich and Nick build over on the Lard Island News blog as well as another Lard associate Sidney and I decided I wanted a bit more life in my scenery settings. The buildings that I've already got from 4ground are great but they are a little bit more fantasy than I would like and are also a bit more urban than I need for some games, so I decided I'd try my hand at producing a more rural, villagy setting. 4ground produce some great buildings and I had been eyeing up their Timber Framed Cottage for some time. As well as the painted version, they also do a raw silhouette version which is just your basic cottage with no colours, minimum textures and no detailing. I figured these would be an ideal base for the village buildings and as 4ground were kind enough to offer a black Friday discount I dived and bought 6 cottages and some detailing kits (a mix of Stuart and Tudor Versions).

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Warhammer Dredd!

Zhu pointed out an old school oddity that I thought I'd share with the wider world. Back in 86, in the Citadel Spring Journal, Rick Priestley published some rules for large scale gun fights in the Dredd universe. Casually tucked into the bottom of adverts for Dredd figures it's easy to miss as you drool over the shiny figures. Rick explains that although the rules in the Judge Dredd RPG are great, when the numbers involved in combat get too large they can slow the game down to a crawl. So Rick gives us some rules for Judges and weapons stats in order to arm your perps. There are even some rules and stats for the Lawmaster to run around on it's own causing havoc. The rules are bolt on's to Warhammer 2nd Edition and came a full year and a bit before Rogue Trader. Have a look thanks to Stuff of Legends.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Judge Dredd RPG

Part of being an adult is having the kind of disposable income that you could only dream of as a kid. This essentially means that you can piss your hard earned cash up the wall on some silly dad-soldiers providing your wife doesn't mind (or catch you, whichever one describes your relationship). What ebay provides is the ability to funnel these cash splurges into non-new products. Essentially ebay turns your urge to splurge into a time travel experience.

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