Monday, 15 April 2019


If you are going to besiege a town in the late 1500's or even the early 1600's then you are going to have build yourself some siege works. And one of the most common types is a Sconce. No not an silly american name for a light mounting, but an earthworks that allows you to have a small fort that can keep a small force safe from marauding enemy. This can be used to protect the main siege lines from a surprise relief force and also gives you a base to dominate an area of strategic importance. Often these forts were victims of their own mini sieges. They were important for securing supply lines to the main besieging force and also to help to dominate the countryside. So forces often had to subdue (or entice their garrisons to defect, several english garrisons 'sold' their sconces to the Spanish) these siege forts before they could move on to attack the main siege lines in order to relieve the besieged town.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The View of The Frontier

The North West Frontier - An Update. Things are moving on in the border regions of British India, despite having to herd 52, 16 year olds into completing coursework. Ugh!
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