Friday, 18 November 2011

Linky Linky

Two posts in day? Yeah don't expect it to carry on.

Thought I'd add some links to some other blogs that I visit.

This is my mate Joe's blog. The one I was so jealous of! Basically science, both fictional and fact, as well as film and book reviews, a smattering of politics and a general view into what we wasted our time doing when we were flatmates in Edinburgh many-many mons ago.

This is an excellent blog which resluted in me digging into the world of 40K again. Basically it's all about getting back to the roots of sci-fi gaming for us and i'll be discussing this and showing off arange of projects connected to this in the next couple on months. Hopefully we'll eventually have games, mini's and all other bits and bobs connected to it as we go along.

In the next blog i'll start discussing where I see this going and the plans I've laid down and the projects and mini's i've started.

Cheers for now.

Poor, see me after class

Oh my god! It's been over two years since my last post! That's disgraceful.

Time to sort this out and become a proper regular blogger.

So what's happened since?

Well I managed to finish the army and take part in the very cool campaign weekend in fact you can see some pics on this blog My figures are the huge long line of crossbowmen. They did pretty well.

I've also managed a major upheaval in my real life which involved the ending of a marriage, the birth of another daughter and the start of another major relationship. But you don't need to know about that.

So in my gaming life? I have my own little geek-cave in my new house which is very cool. I've started a massive late roman/goth/frank project, more of which later.

I've also got the bug for Sci-fi again and old-skool rogue trader specifically. I'm in the middle of trying to get two different groups of friends to start up campaigns with some success.

It's this that has brought me back into the blogging fold. Expect more silliness soon!
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