Saturday, 23 November 2013

Camera obscura

While going through photos on my account I found this. 
And I suddenly realised that he would make a perfect Druzhina from the warhammer armies old world mercenary list. I've got at least another 4 converted but unpainted. Time to have a rummage and see if I can find them. Wonder what other obscure units I can rustle up? 
These definately appear on the list and I'm pretty sure I've got a load of swordsman as well! What obscure units will you be putting together in the next 9 months before oldhammer day at foundry? I'm intending to add half orcs and hobgoblins to my chaos army. What else isn't getting enough oldhammer love? Let's resurrect all the colourful and 
unloved fantasy archetypes that made old school fantasy gaming everything we loved! 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The best laid plans........

I'm getting the itch. I haven't had a game of anything in a couple of weeks and I'm feeling the need to get something organised. After painting the good Doctor I've got an idea for a game of Rogue Trader. All I need now is some folks to play with. A couple of months ago I met with a bunch if guys from the oldhammer forum in Cambridge and had a great days old school gaming. Hopefully we can get together again soon and if we do I'd like to GM! And in true old school style I'll bring the figures, the scenery and run the game. The plan is to have a four way game so I'd require four players, I've already started putting some of the figures together. I finished this one today
He's a old confrontation figure that I managed to score on eBay at not to bad a price. He's going to be a villainous Psyker backed up by some space pirate scum. 
Another character is going to be....
Jerry Cornelius, or at least the figure. I think he'll be a wily, conniving, inter-stellar con man type backed up by some hired muscle like the guy on the left. 
The Doctor will be the leader of the third faction accompanied by some friends and possible allied with some xenos such as some of the Bob Olley ones you might be able to see here. 
Which obviously need to be finished. This is the main reason I like having a game organised. I do well getting stuff painted when I have a deadline. And for faction number 4 I think we have something a bit more law and order-ish. How about and inquisitor and his retinue.
And some storm troopers to back him up.
Looky! I actually have a faction done! Apart from basing ( are we sensing a theme?) 
So are any of the OGRE oldhammerers up for a bit of Rogue Trader action? And if the plan to have a get together at warhammer world comes to fruition then anybody fancy playing this scenario there? 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Doc done!

Just some basing to do, I already have a Rogue Trader scenario brewing in my fevered mind! 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Finished and started

They took twice as long as I thought (mainly cos of my laziness) but apart from a wee bit of basing I reckon they are pretty much done! 
They look quite good in my humble opinion and I'm going to use them as the first unit in my new army. Inspired by the old school (and newly revamped) card game 'chaos marauders' I fancied an army that is part green skin and part chaos horde. Strictly speaking if I stuck to the army lists in 'warhammer armies' I'm not allowed to have black orcs but what's the point of oldhammer if you can't just put all your favourite toys on the table! So my next couple if units are likely to be chaosy, some beastmen, some chaos thugs and maybe some chaos marauders! Following that, I want to have a hobgoblin unit (everybody loves hobgoblins!) and a unit of half-orcs. I've already been busy on eBay! Anyway the black orcs weren't the only thing I finished this afternoon (wife and kids are out in a play date and all I had to do was Hoover the house!) 
I also got my tech-priest done. He's been sitting about half done for months so I decided to finish him off. He's pretty much scratch built but with bits and bobs from various companies and kits. I'm probably going to use him in variety of different guises, from accompanying my sons of Horus to being a character in RT games. 
So with these things finished I thought I'd get started on some more figs. 
Some rogue trader figs, Jerry Cornelius, Dr. Payne and some confrontation gangers. Talking of confrontation, we've been chatting at the oldhammer forum about running a game at the next oldhammer event. Obviously we're going to have to think about how we are going to make it work in reasonable time frame and this may mean hacking at the rules a bit to see if we can get it to work. And if not, we can always just play it as Rogue Trader! Any thoughts? 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dr Payne in the post

Look what came in the post from the lovely (and I do mean lovely!) folks at Heresy miniatures! 
This is their new miniature Dr. Payne. I saw it as a green on their Facebook page and decided I there and then that I needed it (a pretty common decision amongst gamers I gather!) and pre-ordered it. He came pretty quickly actually and I'm very chuffed! As well as his sonic tool he also comes with a nice pistol that would make him easily fit into a rogue trader game which us exactly how a plan to use him. 
For those of you that are not Dr Who fans (and if not, why not?) the figure does bear a striking resemblance to certain thespian  rumoured to be appearing in the show soon.

Also in the post today were a couple of old white dwarfs, part of my attempt to get a hold of the editions with the Confrontation rules in.


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Confronting the past

I've got a funny relationship with GW and my recent dabblings in the wonderful world of oldhammer have kind if highlighted this.
I played warhammer and 40k when I was between the ages of 11 to around about 15 or 16 (I'm not quite sure, it is a long time a go!) this means that Rogue Trader had been out for about 6 months and 3rd edition warhammer for a bit longer. I remember my first white dwarf being 101 and my last being about 140 (again not 100%) and being bored of it being simply a monthly catalogue! 
I was reintroduced to the "hobby" by a mate that had never given up when 40k was well into its 4th edition and I've never gotten back into warhammer ( apart from its historical versions).
Because of this I have no real connection with games like Necromunda, Gorka-morka, Battlefleet Gothic, inquisitor and Mordheim. I have rediscovered them all since of course but my one real memory of GW's alternative games was one that wasn't even properly released. 


I have a very clear memory of playing Confrontation in a classroom at school during lunch time and really enjoying it. I loved the open feel of the game and the marvellous background written and pictured accross half a dozen editions of white dwarf. 

I've recently found my old gang again (when I say found, I mean rescued from my mates eBay pile!)

When I got back into the hobby I was surprised that confrontation had never been released. After getting copies of inquisitor and necromunda I obviously realised where all the rules and fluff had gone. Rules wise inquisitor is very similar to confrontation and obviously the world created for the game has gone on to be used for necromunda the game along with the idea of gang warfare based skirmish combat. 

Psyker gang figure, from what I know of only sold at a US games day. But I could be wrong. 

I managed to get a copy of the transcript for the never published Confrontation complete rules and they would have been a brilliant set. In common with GW publications of the time, they are full of tables, different weapon types have different damage charts for instance and they obviously need streamlining a lot to enable the game to work well. No doubt one of the reasons it never actually saw the light of day. 
One of the cool things in the transcript is a rumour generation table, similar to the scenario generators in Rogue Trader and Warhammer Siege, which gives you a loaf of reasons for your gangers to go off a pillaging and a killing! 
So why am I going on about confrontation? Well, a bunch of guys, including John Blanche, got to together and played a game if Confrontation at Warhammer world recently and it looked amazing.
This made me want to accelerate my plan for more gang members to go along with the white haired ganger from previous posts. So in the couple of days before our wedding I knocked up these guys.
And I'm going to put together some tech gangers as well. And do you know what? I'm going to try and have a game of Confrontation! Any body fancy it? 

Oh, and just to prove that I haven't gotten completely sidetracked. Here's the current state of the Black Orcs.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Family photo

Skin done on all but one of the black orcs ( number ten just came out of the dip! ) I'm actually on course to get these done! Woop! Woop! 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Testing 1 2 3

The lighting is bit crap but here's the first test for the black orc skin colour. I'm quite chuffed with it so I'm going ahead with the rest of the boyz. Cheers! 

Here's a pic in different lighting. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Back to reality

Well, that was a weekend to remember! I'm now a happily married man. Myself and my beautiful new wife had a great time. 

Now I'm back at work.

The Viking-on-a-cork favours went down well and at least one bloke went home with 9 in his pocket so I may have even converted someone. 

Talking of conversions, while I was waiting on the microwave sterilising the wee mans bottles I decided to do a quick repair / conversion on one of my Bob Olley giant black orcs. I've come to love Bob's work and I reckon I'll do a post about his work at some point in the future. 

So this poor bugger had a wobbly halberd when he came through the post and when I got back I realised it had fallen off completely. 

So with a bit of drilling, some styrene tube, a placcy marauders banner and a bit of metal spear I now have a banner bearer for my black orcs! 

And here he is with his mates. A couple of them need to go for a dip but I'm gonna see if I can get these painted by the end of the week. 

I'm going to see if I can collect a couple of the more obscure go goblinoid units from warhammer starting with this one and then a unit of Hobgoblins and then a unit of Half-orcs. I'll start showing these figures soon. 
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