Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dr Payne in the post

Look what came in the post from the lovely (and I do mean lovely!) folks at Heresy miniatures! 
This is their new miniature Dr. Payne. I saw it as a green on their Facebook page and decided I there and then that I needed it (a pretty common decision amongst gamers I gather!) and pre-ordered it. He came pretty quickly actually and I'm very chuffed! As well as his sonic tool he also comes with a nice pistol that would make him easily fit into a rogue trader game which us exactly how a plan to use him. 
For those of you that are not Dr Who fans (and if not, why not?) the figure does bear a striking resemblance to certain thespian  rumoured to be appearing in the show soon.

Also in the post today were a couple of old white dwarfs, part of my attempt to get a hold of the editions with the Confrontation rules in.


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