Sunday, 28 February 2016

Please enter your PIN.....

I haven't been able to get much painting done this weekend but I did manage this little info-station/suicide booth. It'll be really handy as an objective in games and I'm sure It'll be able to spurt out useful info in all sorts of games. Pulp Alley uses this kind of plot device to good measure and I want to build that kind of thing into RT games.

Garidriel was positive he had tenner left in his account...

There was no way he had put anything in the baggage area...

Ah, Igor, IT support have arrived.

Friday, 26 February 2016


Some of you may have noticed my new Banner but there is also some more news about new stuff. I have found my self at the behest of a group middle aged men that have collectively groomed me via the internet. There nefarious plan to bring me into their power has succeeded and I've been convicted to join them in a joint venture. The WIPsters, for it is they, have launched a blog that will record their perverted journey through the hobby world. Just remember, if you visit, it will be recorded!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Return to Colony 87

I don't make a habit of advertising Kickstarters but I do make an exception when it's a mates project and when the outcome is likely to be very nice mini's.

You may remember that last year Axiom launched a range of 6 sci-fi civilians designed by Will Beck and sculpted by Michael Anderson called Colony 87.

Well he's at it again. Yesterday evening he launched a Kickstarter for a second set of civilians that are as equally characterful as the first. The good news is that campaign was funded within and hour of launching and has smashed it's target so head over and pledge before all the figures are gone. 

 You can see examples of the new figures above painted by the lovely Asslessman over at the Leadplague.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Oldgrave? Frosthammer? Just nice figures on hex bases?

As I've sold my soul to Dragon Rampant I might as well go the whole hog and give the other gaming flavour of the moment a go. Frostgrave, just in case you've been living under rock, is another Osprey Games production. It focusseson Wizards and their war bands exploring a frozen city in order to uncover ancient magical knowledge as well as the classic hide treasure that all abandoned cities appear to contain (is there no such thing as a Fantasy Bank?). Northstar do a lovely range of figures to go with the rules and their are a couple of plastic sets of troops plus another one on the way in order for you to build your war bands. There is a maximum of 10 figures per war band so building a your adventuring group isn't too much of a chore. A bunch of us have decided we are going to give Frostgrave a go at an April get together so I needed a war band. Half term gave me the perfect excuse to get some figures painted. As i'd been collecting some of Aly Morrisons Fighters they seemed like the perfect figures to use.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Give us your money!

When I were but a young lad this was nowt but fields and we lived in a cardboard box in middle of road! Maybe not. But it was a long time a go. The above advert or a very similar one appeared in a Dragon magazine in the late 80's. At the time my mum would take me and my brother shopping at the  big Asda in Edinburgh. I was of the age that she could trust me (a bit) and I managed to convince her that I could just stand and read the Magazines while she was off doing the shopping bit. Dragon was monthly and was mostly dedicated to D&D so I had ample opportunity to read through the magazine on our fortnightly visits. I witnessed all kinds of gaming weirdness in that magazine, from being introduced to TMNT a couple of years before they appeared on TV to Superhero RPG's and all manner of weird adds for bizarre companies and shops in the Uk that might as well as have been on Mars for a young boy stuck in central belt Scotland. The above advert made an impression though. The fantasy regiments box was my first war-games purchase. Don't get me wrong, I'd inherited some figures from a cousin and had started to play RPG's at school but it was't until I saw this ad and started to flick through White Dwarf, when it appeared on the shelves near Dragon, that I got sucked in to Citadel land.

And do you know what I think made that happen? 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Zombie Dragon Rampant AAR

The chevauche across the badlands had gone well for Duke Fare d'eniugh. The great Dragon, Gonzoless, had died at the battle of Tarts but a friendly necromancer had ressurected him for a small fee. He smelt a bit but has behaved himself pretty well ever since. The Dukes men had overheard a conversation about a golden mole kept in a mountain cave by a tribe of hobgoblins. The hobgobs were apparently far away causing mischief so the loot was easy pickings. The duke took his Warband and the ex-dragon to the mountain cave and freed the golden mole in time for lunch. With hearty cheer and with bravery in their hearts the Warband marched out into the valley....

Smack bang into the returning tribe of Hobgoblins blocking the exit. This was going to be messy. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mutant posse's

Over the last couple of night I've hammered through the first two posse's form my Wasteman Kickstarter. Both of them consist of Mutie's and go together to make syndicate to play with. I need to make some opposition before I can host game but this is a good start. The Posse above is mad up of the Castus Jack, Bullyboys and Boom boys packs and make a nice little crew. Some solid melee fighters backed up by a couple of ranged weapons. 

The second Posse are the Mangle men posse pack with the addition of the Pre-kickstarter Mutie Brute which is resin. These guys have more guns but will still be able pack a punch. Time to get some other nasties painted and have a game i think.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Being of work with the Lurgy occasionally has advantages. For instance you get to catch up on Jeremy Kyle and have a look at dozens of old Cowboy films that seem to be the daytime diet of all the movie channels. If you have the motivation though you can try and get some figures painted such as half a dozen Bugbears. This hairy little mob is made up of 5 of Otherworld miniatures and one lonely citadel example.

The coming of Wasteman

Some time back you may remember me mentioning a Kickstarter that was running at the time. Wasteman is the brainchild of Jason F, the man behind Thunderchild miniatures. The campaign was for Jason to fund the printing and publishing of the rulebook, to get a load of miniatures cast up and to get extras such as cards and tokens made. As you can see from the pictures Jason has come through fine style and earlier this month a embarrassingly big box of toys arrived on my doorstep. So lets have a shufty at what we've got.

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