Sunday, 28 September 2014

Suber's Prize

A stranger walked into the Rusty Blaster.
He was after some thrills and some excitement.
The Rusty Blaster seemed a bit quiet. 
Too quiet. 
The target wasn't here. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Imperial Army heavy walker Auxilia Troop F

On a whim some time in the past month I order this little beauty from Clockwork Goblin miniatures. I think it's called a Grizzly. While I was in the house on my own this afternoon, I decided to put him together. The casting comes in 8 pieces of resin and some additional metal parts. The resin is lovely and solid, better than the forgeworld stuff I'd say. The kit goes together no probs. I built a pilot/driver to sit in the cockpit and argue with people.


Free to a good home 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

And the winner is....

Last week I celebrated my hundredth follower by offering to do a figure for a random follower based on the comments people left. I had 16 comments and so using a random number generator app

The winning comment is from Suber from the lovely old school workshop blog.

He asked for
I'm for anything RT, from Ultramarines to Renegades, from Arbites to Adventurers, mutants os crazy beasts, but I'm afraid I'm not 'building' armies, but simply scattering myself between too many projects :D

So that gives me carte-blanche really, I've already got a couple of ideas floating about and I'll get straight round to getting them together and painting it up asap.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Games I'd be playing if i could only pull my finger out

On saturday one of the many envelopes that popped through the front door was a copy of the latest ruleset from Osprey games Lion Rampant.
Having had a read through, they seem like quite a nice little rule set for knock about games with Medieval figs. A retinue (rather than army) runs to about 50 figures (obviously depending on what options you take) in units of 6 or 12. As the author himself explains, he was looking for the game to be fun, quick and cinematic. It certainly looks like it will play that way. This game has the advantage of actually fitting in with the figures I have painted! I have more than enough medieval figures to put several retinues together for some games and I should be able to cover all the available options as well. I just need opponents. Hopefully this will be a set of rules that will actually get used as I'm getting concerned that I end up buying stuff and not getting round to actually ever getting a game in.
Here are some examples of what I mean.

Dux Britanniarum is an excellent game from Too fat Lardies. I know it's excellent cos I have actually played a couple of games when it was at the playtesting stage. I have a goth/germanic/saxon force already to go, Musketeer minatures figures to a man, lovely figures. I bought one one of my mates a set of the rules for christmas last year, I even gave him all the figures to make up his romano-british force, some of which he's even painted. Have I got my figure painted? Have even got them undercoated? Glued to bases? Have I fuck. Grrrrr.

Donnybrook form League of Augsburg. Another set of large skirmish rules this time set in the gun powder age. I bought these so that I could play some Elizabethan/Tudor games. Mostly Spanish vs Dutch or English. Those kind of things. I've painted some Spanish musketeers, converted some Spanish arquebusiers and started on some dutch/english arquebusiers. Have I gone anywhere near the figures this year? Nope!

Two of my friends and I bought the rules and sets of figures. I've made some buildings, one of my mates has even painted some figures. Are mine in the same place that I put them to hide them from my wife when I got home from Salute? Yup.

These look like great fun..........

Need I say more?
I'm sure you've got the idea by now.

So, what am I going to do about it?

The best motivator for me is a game. If I arrange to have a game on a particular date it helps me to focus on getting stuff painted.
Lion Rampant - Requires no painting, simply and adversary. Easy. I call upon volunteers.
Dux Brit - I need to arrange a game with my mate (or anybody else who has an urge) and get my warband painted with that in mind.
Donnybrook - Paint the figures that are required when somebody else shows some interest in playing
A fistful of kungfu - Paint up the 9 figures that it requires and arrange a game with one of my two Salute mates
7TV - Same as above.

So I'm calling on those that know and those that want to get involved, scan your diary and a for the sake of the game - make a date!

Knigget automata

At the start of term a lot of my classes are about setting up good practice and briefing the kiddy winks on health and safety. Once the projects do get under way though a lot of the first stages are about repetitive tasks that simply require kids to get there heads down and learn how to quality control there own work, sanding, filing those kinds of things (not all classes are like this before you non-crafty types get all huffy). In my experience kids get a bit arsey if they see you sitting with your feet up or doing paperwork while they are busy sweating over bits of wood so over the years I've found that if I'm working at the same time they are then they tend to be a little more enthused. The easiest thing to do is to make the same project they are but I have made so many of these that it's less than attractive so I occasionally start doing something a bit different. This has the advantage of keeping my skills up to scratch (I'm not a trained wood worker being trained as a designer and any skills I do have I've had learn on the job, my brother is a time-served cabinet maker so wood working must be in the gene's somewhere) and encouraging the inquisitiveness of the kids I'm teaching. So this term I have been making an Automata. I moving wooden toy. The reason I'm putting it on here is cos it's going to be a a Knight on a rearing horse. You can see the internal workings on the pic above. 
As you turn the handle (I've taken it off so that it'd lie down flat) the horse rises up on it's rear legs. A linkage ensures that the head and font legs stay level. It's actually the knights body that is being pushed up and his legs that pull the caparison up.

As you rotate the handle he falls backs to the starting position. He still requires a head and some arms, the plan is to have a shield in one arm and to have the sword arm raise as the horse rears as if he is encouraging others into battle. I was wondering if I can get the head to turn as well but I may be overshooting the mark. I'll have to have a think.
Here is the little sketch I made to start off with. I've got some 2mm MDF that i'll add details like armour pieces and stuff and then I need to figure out which order I want to glue it all together in (always a bit a mindfuck when you've got so many moving parts as you want to keep the movement while stopping it from falling apart) and get it painted. Back to proper miniatures very soon, I promise.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dungeon crawling

Dungeon crawling as a collective manhug was experimented with at Chez Erny on a school night of all things! The random crew of adventurers collected themselves on the legendary kitchen bunker. L-R Rab, moi, Antipixi, Barney, Snickit and Lenihan. This was the largest meet up of OGRE members since BOYL and is a kick off point for hopefully many more games. Erny set the standards high as far as hosting is concerned and despite Antipixi doing his best to wake up the kids we managed to have a great time while being relatively sober (despite the 7.4% beer that I brought along!)

Monday, 15 September 2014

I'm telling you....I heard something....

Do you smell something?

Over the weekend I got to paint my marsh troll. He's so cute!
Better lighting for the lovely little fella, bless.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

OGRE Roguer campaign poseur

Silly title doesn't rhyme but I'm in a funny mood. Being back at work has done nothing for my painting time. Most evenings I have barely enough energy to put the dinner on and the kids to bed before slumping, slack jawed in front of the boob choob. However we do have our upcoming dungeon crawl round at Erny's legendary kitchen next week and I'm getting quite excited by it. For those of you that don't know, over on the Oldhammer forum we have kind of self-divided ourselves into geographically relative groups so that we can organise games and meet up. OGRE is the name of the group that I joined/belong to/helped found and I suggested that after BOYL14 we really make an effort to meet up and get games in, the result of that conversation is the dungeon crawl that Tedwin de Pu'del and Gadscon le Grump will be taking part in. This one little game has birthed so much positvity and creativism that I thought we should use it as a jump off point for loads more fun. You just need to look at Antipixi and Rabs work to see that we are all excited. Snicket has already been discussing fantasy campaigning on his blog which was the reason that I started to think about the Hobgoblin army list and today I had another idea. The wife and I actually got a chance to go to the cinema today and we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy which we had been promising ourselves since we first so the trailers almost a year ago.

If you haven't seen it yet you should go and treat yourself, it's a brilliant sci-fi romp with it's tongue firmly in it's cheek (and a great soundtrack). What i took from it though was that it was essentially full of little scenarios that'd be perfect for small warband based rogue trader games. It's this kind of cinematic excitement that makes playing smallish sci-fi games fun. I also thought about my earlier post where I discussed moving on the narrative of the games that I play with my oldschool mates and i decided that the chaps OGRE should be part of their own sci-fi narrative.

So I pose this question (hence the title) to my OGRE compatriots, who would be up for a playing Rogue Trader games based on small warbands all battling each other in linked games, heading towards saving a planet/ a system / a sector/ a galaxy?

Here is my idea. We all start off with a little warband, whatever you want but they are looking for something, as is everybody else.

There are several of these 'things' and you know that you require a number of them in order to sell them on/ unlock a secret gate/ perform a ritual /bribe and official/ buy someone back from kidnappers. These 'things' are in different places and some people people know where they are/might be/who owns them.
We organise games with as many people as we require, we design our own scenarios for other people to play and we GM and we all race to possess the 'things' in order to do whatever we need to while all the other warbands try to stop you or steal your shiny 'things' for their own purposes.
The reasons for doing it this way are simple
- Minimum figure count so that we don't have to take our eyes of our respective leadpiles for long.
- You can rolepley your own warband anyway you like and they can have their own mission and style
- Any combination of OGRE members can play a game and post it on their blog and it adds to the narrative
- Everybody gets to come up with scenarios and third party NPC's to get in the way and invite folk to take part and we all try to out do each other with our fiendishness.

One more twist that I've only just thought of, each player doesn't know how many of the shiny 'things' they need but somebody else does. When you post your score on your blog after a game, the other player that knows the number you need contacts you and lets you know. It's then up to you to set up the "doom-laden end scenario" and other players volunteer to try and stop your evil/good/moneygrabbing plan.

So, how does that grab you? Let me know.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Buddies for de Pu'del

After finishing Sir Tedwin I decided that he needed a couple of adventuring partners to guide him through the dark and dangerous spaces under the old world. I dug out a couple more Black Tree figures and set about snipping. The one on the left lost his head, arms and sword while the other guy was fortunate enough only to be beheaded.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hobgoblin 'army list'

I know army lists are not the best loved thing in Oldhammer land but they do give a useful guide to organising your little horde of figures and making battles a little more 'fair' if that there is such a concept during battles of fantastic creatures.
Long term readers will know that I've been threatening to put a Hobgoblin army together for some time but keep getting distracted. I've decided that this Autumn I am actually going to try and get my shit together and start painting up this army. Snicket posted on his blog about putting a campaign together and mentioned about sticking to Warhammer Armies and I though it was about time I actually worked out what was going to be in my army.

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