Wednesday, 24 September 2014

And the winner is....

Last week I celebrated my hundredth follower by offering to do a figure for a random follower based on the comments people left. I had 16 comments and so using a random number generator app

The winning comment is from Suber from the lovely old school workshop blog.

He asked for
I'm for anything RT, from Ultramarines to Renegades, from Arbites to Adventurers, mutants os crazy beasts, but I'm afraid I'm not 'building' armies, but simply scattering myself between too many projects :D

So that gives me carte-blanche really, I've already got a couple of ideas floating about and I'll get straight round to getting them together and painting it up asap.



  1. Congrats to Suber and good work to you Colin !

  2. !!!!! Is that me? Is that me? Really??? :O
    Thank you very much!! Wow, I'm really excited, both for the mere fact of winning and for having to wait for the surprise!
    No, seriously, I'm absolutely in no rush, obviously, so don't feel any pressure! I will most definitely be thrilled for whatever you may create!
    Thank you, sir! :)

  3. Congrats to Suber, and to you for breaking 100 followers. I don't know where I've been, but I enjoyed catching up with your last month or so of posts. The Dungeon Crawl looked great. WFB 3rd ed as rules? Something to ponder. The too many rules, not enough games played is a problem I share. I definitely need to pull my finger out on both the gaming and painting fronts.

  4. Congratulations to everyone!!!! Such a nice group we are!!

  5. Congratulations Suber and well done Colin for running a great comp to celebrate such a nice milestone.


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