Saturday, 27 September 2014

Imperial Army heavy walker Auxilia Troop F

On a whim some time in the past month I order this little beauty from Clockwork Goblin miniatures. I think it's called a Grizzly. While I was in the house on my own this afternoon, I decided to put him together. The casting comes in 8 pieces of resin and some additional metal parts. The resin is lovely and solid, better than the forgeworld stuff I'd say. The kit goes together no probs. I built a pilot/driver to sit in the cockpit and argue with people.

Here you can see it up against a Dust tactics medium walker. It was round about this point that I realised that i'd just put together a new army. A couple of heavy combat walkers.
Combined with half a dozen clunky imperial army dreadnoughts (actually at43 soviet walkers).

And you've got a funky little armoured column for cracking those hard nuts when there are no marines around.

Obviously you need some foot sloggers to back up the walkers. Thankfully I've got some classic Army bods. I reckon I've got enough of the old plastics for another squad as well. Plus a really cool commisar to keep them all in line.

And with all that machinery your going to need some tech support handily supplied by this Mechanicus team. I'm going to paint this as a little warband on their own right, I've got the similar talisman scientist on his way from evilbay so this should be a nice little group.

It's amazing what you can do with the stuff you have hiding in your hobby room.

In further news, after several changes of mind, I've built Suber's figure and I've started to paint him. Hopefully I'll get him painted in the next couple of days and send him off to Spain and then I'll let everybody else see him. Cheers.

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  1. I like that. I haven't magnetized anything that size, yet, but I would probably do the belly-gun, there.

    Nicely made


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