Friday, 23 September 2016

Stunties for November

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'm putting on a game over the weekend at the start of November. As I've got a load of figures to paint I dove straight in and got the First faction done. These are all dwarves from the 3rd edition era (or a bit earlier). Having had a quick nose round Stuff of Legends there are some Dwarf Adventurers from 87 and 88, some Imperial Dwarves from 86 and some Norse Dwarfs as well.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Russ Nicholson built my Hammer

The Oldhammer crowd is a funny beast. Chatting about the books that made such an impression on you at a young age tends to throw up odd little inconsistencies. One of the main ones that I've become aware of is how people react to different artists. We all know the classic images from the rule books and we have them burned into our collective memories. The illustrators were the most important members of the GW team in a way. Without their work the books would have been endless streams of text with the occasional pics of miniatures. GW always employed a range of illustrators and their styles varied immensely and was as much a matter of taste as your favourite miniature sculptor.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Remember, Remember.....

The flights are booked so now it's time to figure out what I'll actually be playing. Yep, I've had enough of not seeing my mates so I've demanded that we get together for a weekend and do some wargaming stuff. As Neillboy has just produced a sprig with his lovely Mrs we decided to go to his and play there. Neil has an equally lovely step son who he is slowly indoctrinating (in that he's already better than Neil at painting) and so we thought it'd be nice for him to take part in a game (until his bedtime). I had a think and decided that we should have a little warhammer game with war bands of 10 or so figures. Rochie reminded me of the little game the OGRE guys had last year and if I add a couple more plot devices and a monster or two then we've got ourselves a game. 

So, to the war bands. This is a brilliant excuse to get stuff painted and I was in need of a focus as I was in danger of getting drowned in too many project possibilities.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Larceny in Lovely Lustria

It's always been a wonder to me that the powers that be spent so much time and effort focussing on one small area of the Warhammer world. the vast majority of the action seems to have been spent fleshing out the details and conflicts that effect the Old World. A shamefully eurocentric view of a fantasy world. don't get me wrong, there was plenty going on else where, Dark and High Elves and the sandy flavour of undead allowed a peek into another parts of the world but it wasn't explored in huge amounts of depth.

Things were different in the early days though.

Before the glory days of 3rd Edition it was de riguer to create scenarios for Warhammer games. These would dictate the armies, the maps, the victory conditions and be controlled by a GM. Obviously.

Some of the most famous of these scenarios came in their own boxed sets and are still discussed in hushed tones around the Oldhammerers pints of IPA at the Dog and Dice. The tragedy pf McDeath, Bloodbath at Orc's Drift, Terror of the Lichemaster.

There were other though. The citadel Compendiums and Journals (which were kind of dry runs for citadel only White Dwarf which at the time contained stuff from lots of different games) contained some classic and important scenarios. Amongst them Dolgan Raiders (2nd Journal - Autumn 85) and Vengeance of the Lichemaster (spring 86 Journal) but I want to blether on about 3 scenarios that painted a picture of another vast area of wargaming possibility. The three were set in the mysterious southern land of Lustria and give a great twist on the Warhammer world.

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