Saturday, 10 September 2016

Remember, Remember.....

The flights are booked so now it's time to figure out what I'll actually be playing. Yep, I've had enough of not seeing my mates so I've demanded that we get together for a weekend and do some wargaming stuff. As Neillboy has just produced a sprig with his lovely Mrs we decided to go to his and play there. Neil has an equally lovely step son who he is slowly indoctrinating (in that he's already better than Neil at painting) and so we thought it'd be nice for him to take part in a game (until his bedtime). I had a think and decided that we should have a little warhammer game with war bands of 10 or so figures. Rochie reminded me of the little game the OGRE guys had last year and if I add a couple more plot devices and a monster or two then we've got ourselves a game. 

So, to the war bands. This is a brilliant excuse to get stuff painted and I was in need of a focus as I was in danger of getting drowned in too many project possibilities.

I'm going to these Dwarfs for Neil to use, mainly cos at the moment he is in full on beard mode due to him being in the Jarls Squad at next years Up-Helly-Aa in Shetland where he gets to pretend to be a viking. I only want 10 for the war band but as I only have 13 dwarves I'd be daft not to just get them all painted. I'm quite looking forward to getting these done as I haven't painted any Dwarves in decades and this might spur me on to get my Squats done.

For me I want to this mixed bunch of fighters/mercenaries. I want them to be a bandit gang out causing mischief and looking to gather themselves some plunder. A bunch of thieves with very little conscience which will contrast quite sharply with the Warband that I want to paint for young Joseph.

Which is the lot. I'm going for a Not-Robin Hood/ bretonnian/merlin feel for this lot. It's a right mix of figures, A fighter, a Marauder citizen, a copplestone wizard and apprentice, a couple of bretonian command figures, Jules le Jongleur, Huge le petit, Gui le gros and Bertrand le Brigand. I might dig out a couple of squires to replace the military types but I'll have a think.

And last but not least is a gang of dastardly Tilean ruffians as built by Linz. I promised to paint these for him as a birthday present so I'm killing two birds with one stone.

As I finish the bands and come up with more plans for the game I'll let you know. Cheers.


  1. I'll be keeping a close eye in this one! Re reading your post about the multiplayer OGRE game has started some gears turning in my head now too, as much as I'm enjoying painting the greenskins army at the minute massed combat games are starting to lose their appeal so smaller warband games would be just the ticket, as well as helping to clear the "random shite" pile that's getting a bit too big

  2. Some cool looking minis here. Love the Tilean's Ruffians. Look forward to seeing them with a coat of paint on. Its great to have a focus like a bunch of games to look forward to it motivates one fabulously :) I haven't heard of OGRE before will have to do some digging.

    1. Should of clicked your link....Sigh.

      Sounds fun!

    2. Oldhammer Gamers Ring : East-Anglia. Organised through the oldhammer forum.

  3. Jule le Jongleur! Good choice :D

  4. Sounds like a plan! Lovely characterful models you have there.


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