Monday, 11 March 2019

Blood Bowl - Old school style

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was influenced by a politician.

I know! But wait. A Labour politician called Jess Phillips tweeted that she had a 'house full of kids and yet it was all the adults who were playing this' and she tweeted a picture of a much loved copy of Blood Bowl 2nd Edition. Reading through the thread it was full of comments from folk who had great memories of playing the game 30 odd years ago (and the usual trolls that snipe at politicians obviously). One of the comments mentioned that the game goes for silly money on ebay and, being of  a curious disposition, I wondered how much. One of the first entries I found was a complete set for 30 quid. Before my brain could voice its objections, I'd bought it and it arrived last week.
To my delight, the set was complete, all the figures were there and only half a dozen of the Human players had been attacked by a youthful paintbrush. The polystyrene pitch was there, slightly biro'd but still in one piece and all the rules, plastic measuring templates, team names, roster cards, dice and even the little balls, were all in the box.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Realm of Chaos Renegade

Once a year a bunch of us who talk shit to each other every day, manage to get together in the same place and play games against each other. This year I put forward the idea that we should give playing 40K Warbands from Realm of Chaos : Slaves to Darkness. And so it was that we rolled (and cheated and re-rolled and fudged) our warbands and now, as you will have seen from Axiom and Asslessman's blogs, we are building up our Warbands in preparation for our day of fun.

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