Sunday, 14 October 2018

Battle on the Dike.

Slag op de Kauwensteinse dijk,1585 , Frans Hogenberg

While perusing the collections of the Rijkmuseum I came across the above the image. It's an image of a rather unusual battle that occurred during the siege of Antwerp, a part of the early stages  80 years war. Parma had been conquering the major towns in the Netherlands and Antwerp had been under siege for some time. The Spanish had build a bridge over the Scheldt which stopped Antwerp from being resupplied by the rebel forces. There had been several attempts at destroying the bridge using fire ships and ships laden with explosives (one explosion was supposedly heard in London) but none had succeeded in destroying the bridge.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Campaign for Real Orcs

Imagine I was a complete noob. Someone who had never played a fantasy game or watched a fantasy film of any sort. Someone who was perhaps new to the world of Fantasy and had been lured into it via friends.

We've all been there. We were young and nooby once. Our first Fighting Fantasy book probably changed all that. Or perhaps it was reading Tolkien or maybe some older sibling had really cool looking posters in his room. Whatever the mechanism, we fell into the Fantasy world with very little prior knowledge. When we were pups we had wonderful illustrations to demonstrate to us what the creatures that filled these Fantasy worlds as well as our imagination. This has cemented the image of creatures and races into our minds. The formative experience of our youth will always be our strongest image of what these things should be.

Paul Bonner

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