Sunday, 26 July 2015

At last - some green!

I've been putting off the prep for BOYL for some time. No real idea why, just couldn't get my head into the painting game but I'm well on my way now. In fact I only have two more figure to paint and I'm there. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fighters - Poor Bloody Infantry

Well....erm....that caused a bit of a kerfuffle didn't it? Time to move on me thinks. Or move back again to be more precise.

Linked to my inability to get a fantasy army painted and a question on the FB group about suitable figures for a Kislevite unit I've recently grown to be fascinated by the Fighters series of miniatures.

I'm sure we all remember the blisters that these came in.

But it was only as I was flicking through Stuff of Legends that I realised what a fantastic range of figures the Fighters are.

These figures represent the everyday soldiers that defend the empire from the ravages of countless invasions. The men who man the battlements of isolated border castles against the ravages of besieging marauders. The men who carry out the will of the barons, dukes, archdukes and counts throughout the old world.

The old-world of 3rd Edition is based very much on Europe. The Empire is based on the even grander sounding Holy Roman Empire. This Empire had very little to do with Romans and wasn't that holy but it was big and powerful. The Holy Roman Empire was a massively complex amalgamation of states, counties, duchies, bishoprics, towns and cities. It stretch from the Baltic to the Adriatic, from the border of France to the border of Poland and included (at one time or another) Hungary, Bohemia, Austria, the Netherlands, Milan, Switzerland and all of what is now Germany. Within this vast empire there was constant bickering, bitterness, jealousy and obviously a fair deal of conflict. The need for mercenaries to do all the fighting was obvious as many of the statelets had reasonable small populations. From the 1480's to the 1560's the German Landsknecht and the Swiss Reislaufer were  the most famous warriors across the continent and thousands of young men went off to war, joining companies and then regiments, dressing in finery that was banned for the common man.

Now because the Old World is a fantasy one, the Empire doesn't copy the style of early renaissance Europe Slavishly. A great deal of earlier medieval style is mixed in as well some bizarre head gear and inventive weaponry. This gives us figure buyers a fantastic range of humans. Just normal everyday men. Remember I mentioned the 'pathetic aesthetic' ? Well here you are. Many of them look as if they've just walked out of an Albrect Durer print. All beards, hose and swagger.
White Dwarf 87 - march '87

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Has OldhammerFB Jumped the Shark?

Well? I think it's a reasonable question.

Oldhammer as a thing has several different limbs.

You've got all the affiliated blogs of all sorts. Individuals plugging away at their own things. Each with different interests and differing amounts of output. Some are wonderful sinkholes of thought producing idea mashing. Others a repositories of gorgeous painted beauty. Others are hobby tactic, jealousy inducing game porn.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Shit! I forgot to give this post a title!


A bit of a confession.

Are you ready?


Deep breath.

I've never had a fantasy army.


That feels better.

It needed saying. Don't get me wrong, I've tried.

I started off with the regiments boxed set when I was 13.

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