Friday, 29 May 2015


I showed you this sorry mess in the last post. It's sad remains have been sitting round in my hobby box room for ages but I finally decided to tackle it's restoration.

First up was a thorough dip in the Powerspray. Whatever the previous owner had used for the black was horrible sludgey stuff and took ages to get off what I did. It's not perfect but it'll do for me.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mad Max made me do it - or - How to do GorkaMorka the Oldhammer way

Like, I'm sure, many of you have done over the past week or so I went to see Mad Max : Fury Road last week, and like any true gamer, I came away wanting to play a game that reflected it's hi-octane mayhem and 'splosions. However I don't have a cupboard full of toy cars (well, i do, but my son may be a bit annoyed if I start gluing guns to them and putting them in daddies cupboard!) so i've spent the time since trying to figure out the best way of playing vroom, vroom, dakka dakka. I've got a load of the copplestone future wars scavengers and I thought about painting them and building a load of cars using various model kits. I spent a couple of family food shopping trips disappearing down the toy aisle looking for 'convertible' toy cars and a couple of hours looking for 1:56 scale models/ cars and squinting in an effort to figure out if they'd really scale correctly to 28mm figures. I've discounted Dark Future as another money-pit that I should avoid especially as I've already got 28's I could use and thought about building some charabanc for my scavvies and painting up some diggas as warboys.

And then it me. I had decided to use the Gorkamorka rules as I had so much fun playing a version of it at last years BOYL, why not just play the game itself! Genius!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Giving something back.

The main thing that keeps me blogging is knowing that someone is out there reading it. The comments from you dear reader and the feedback I get makes it all worthwhile. As we near 85,000 hits (thanks in no small part to strange Russian bots) I'm immensely humbled to see that 150 if you have decided to follow my little corner of the interwebz (as well as all you google + types). So I'm going to repeat the giveaway we did last year when we reached 100. 

Leave a comment beneath this post, doesn't have to be anything deep, just say hiya and let me know what project your working on. If you don't follow already don't be afraid to join up and join in. In a weeks time I'll randomly select a comment and I'll convert and paint a mini to send off to you to include in whatever project your doing. 

Thanks for coming over here. I appreciate every comment and every +1.
Cheers guys! 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Incal and I

Way back in the mists of December I waffled on in excitement about getting stuck into the Jodorowsky/Moebius collaboration 'The Incal'.

I wasn't disappointed.

How do you describe something like this? God knows. I'll give it a try though.

Essentially what you have is a story following the travails of John de Fool and the adventures that he stumbles into as he reluctantly saves the universe with the help of the mystical entity, the Incal.
There is so much story that it would be impossible to cover here without getting all carried away and having to explain myself over and over again.

Jodorowsky's imagination does loop-de-loops in bends inside itself as it creates a galaxy of intricate detail and fascinating depth. Although Frank Herbert's dune may have been a jumping off point, Jodowrowsky develops something entirely of it's self. A time sit feels as if the story is simply driving itself forward randomly but the ride in itself is simply joyous and the view through the windows is breathtaking.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

When the vultures come to town

So, with BOYL15 nearing I noticed that there was a nice little gap on the Sunday morning for a cheeky game of Rogue Trader. Someone on the forum posted a pic of an awesome build of a governers palace that was made up of modular rooms and putting the two together I decided to have a go at doing the Vulture warriors from dimension x meet plenty of cheerful orks with plasma cannon scenario that long term readers will remember me enthusing over.

This is the map of the base that features in the game. Three rooms, two of which are identical. Should be easy. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Heavy Metal Wizards

No. I'm afraid this isn't a post about painted magic users in White Dwarf. Instead it's about a couple of ancient animated films that my mate Neil and I watched in order to distract ourselves as we got ready for his wedding. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Double trouble - Rogue Trader Battle Report

I invited Erny and Antipixi over to chez Whiskey for a game of RT over the bank of holiday weekend. The set up was fairly straight forward

"Your team of no-nonsense desperadoes have been hired by a shady underground figure to a job for him. In one of the outlying factory districts is a factory hiding a secret research lab. In that lab is some info the your employer wants. He's supplied you with codes for doors and a pass code to get onto the cogitator system. If you can find Dr Bendacre some where in the complex and kidnap him that would be even better. Security is fairly loose so you shouldn't have any problems. Just bring the boss what he wants and everybody will be happy. What could be simpler?"

The twist was that this is what I told both of them! They however had no idea that they were both after the same thing.

This is the board before set up. There are two entrances which we rolled randomly. The guys picked forces of 8 figures and randomly rolled for equipment and heroes, both ended up with a champion and a Minor Hero. Both routes converged somewhere near the middle of the board and then enter the bunker complex. Each door required and intelligence test to open and a group could only open one in a turn but they could close it after themselves if they remember to.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

The continuing story of Elizabethan Gothique

It's been a while since I dabbled in the world of the Dutch Revolt and the adventures of Sir Thomas Cocksure. Last time we saw our hero he had been captured by the sinister Lady Giselle and her Spanish Allies. Sir Jack Falstaff lay injured in the mud and the brave lads of their retinues defeated and scattered.

So what happens in the next episodes of our thrilling series?

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