Friday, 29 May 2015


I showed you this sorry mess in the last post. It's sad remains have been sitting round in my hobby box room for ages but I finally decided to tackle it's restoration.

First up was a thorough dip in the Powerspray. Whatever the previous owner had used for the black was horrible sludgey stuff and took ages to get off what I did. It's not perfect but it'll do for me.

After scarping the plastic around the glue deposits and smoothing them down with a hobby knife I drilled out the broken old axle with a 4mm drill.

It did mean that I had to remove the driver out of his cubby hole. I had to take him out of the hole at the rear of the cockpit by cutting him into bits first.

Once the hole were drilled a new axle was mounted using 4mm brass rod on front and rear. The wheels all needed drilling out as well.

Once the wheels were on it was a case of building up the rest of the wagon. The door and the exhaust as well as the two front mudguards are from the original spurs and it was a bit of a thrill cutting into classic plucky sprue.

I then added bits from the current truck kit that I had. Gun, roll bar and boarding ramp all seem to fit pretty well.

The original model has a rather baroque guard rail round the passenger compartment but I instead went for some bolted on spikes that fit with the detailing form the new parts. In addition to this I added a panel at the rear next to boarding plank and an armour plate on one of the wheels.

And then the whole thing got a coat of matt black. Hopefully first painting will start tomorrow. I think the best thing to do is go for an aged metal finish all over then I can pick out panels of paint and others bits and bobs to give some 'ping'

I also had a sudden rush of blood to the head and attacked my other truck. I mounted a little turret next to the driver (mainly so I didn't have build a figure to use the heavy shooter!)

I added a panel to the side to cover the underneath of the turret and added a glyph plate from the battlewagon kit.

If your in the habit of reading the comments in the posts then you'll know that Erny and I have discovered that, between us, we've got a full battlewagon (nearly) so in order to decide who gets to keep the wagon we figured we'd play a series of Gorkamorka games with the bits of the Battlewagon as loot. At some point someone will (hopefully) win all the bits and they will become the proud owner of a new wagon! I'm looking forward to it.

And just to relive my youth and complete the pun of the post title


  1. Looks great! I'm rebuilding one, too. Using some of the same bits from the new trukk box. Very nice work.

  2. Top work, I'm interested to see what she ends up looking like...and who gets to keep it!
    A real shame they don't make these anymore.

  3. Aaa, you're tempting me with gorkamorka. The battlewagon looks very nice. I remember drooling over pictures of the kit in some magazine or other back then.


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