Saturday, 2 May 2015

The continuing story of Elizabethan Gothique

It's been a while since I dabbled in the world of the Dutch Revolt and the adventures of Sir Thomas Cocksure. Last time we saw our hero he had been captured by the sinister Lady Giselle and her Spanish Allies. Sir Jack Falstaff lay injured in the mud and the brave lads of their retinues defeated and scattered.

So what happens in the next episodes of our thrilling series?

1. The Cocksure rescue
The scene is set for the entry of the show's real hero, Sir Reginald Cocksure! Hurrah! He finds Sir Jack being cared for in a local parish and brings him to his lodgings in Antwerp. There he pays for Jack to be nursed back to health and learns of the fate of his brother. He swears to rescue is brother from the clutches of the Spanish and sets off with Jack and some Jolly lads to wreak revenge on Giselle and her allies. Little does he know that the prize that Giselle had gained for her masters has made his life a little harder than expected!

(ok! I'll tell you. Giselle has created a potion that has the power to transform a normal human into a massive muscled beast with strength of 10 men. The Spanish hope that these 'Ogres' will turn the tide in the war against the dutch. Sir Reg will have to deal with the latest experiments in order to rescue his brother!)

3 Marauder Ogres which will happily do double duty in my Empire Army

2. The Golem of Oosterbeek
As well as pissing off the protestants, the spaniards have been annoying the Jews as well. One Rabbi has had enough. Having received a secret letter from a  cousin in Prague, he has learned the secret to creating a Golem. He uses the stone man to defend against to advances of Giselles army of the undead as they attempt to conquer the town of Oosterbeek. The cocksure brothers, hearing rumours of a supernatural ally against the Spanish witchcraft, battle through the lines to contact the Rabbi and win him over to their cause!

I think i've been able to get a hold of this brilliant Golem from Monolith Designs. They are 40mm figs so he should be pretty huge!

3. The Claws of Doom
Sir Reginald and his men have been tasked with spiking some of the Spanish guns that have been bombarding the town Danniberg. Several other missions have been sent into the fog bound fields around the town but none have returned. What is lurking out there defending the guns? Are the rumours of a new weapon transported from the new world true? Sir Reg will find out one way or another.

An old Citadel giant scorpion, needs a bit of love but what a beaut!

4. Ambush at Donger Bridge
Sir Reginald and his men are in charge of transporting much needed supplies to the defenders of Golderbek. The wagons they are escorting are full of gunpowder and shot desperately needed to fight off the Spanish advance. The convoy is nearing the crossing at Donger bridge, if the Spanish have anything planned it'll happen here. The entire party have their eyes peeled but nobody expects what happens next!

Some foundry orcs who have set up camp under the Donger Bridge
So. All I need is someone to play against!


  1. Haha, these look absolutely great! Looking forward to see how all this unfolds!

  2. A great selection of figures :) I've meaning to get that Golem for my Weird WWII games. Love the other stuff. Also, "Donger Bridge". Hah!

  3. great ideas, all good hooks for battles and skirmishes, nice collection of lead to use as well.

  4. Hey that golem is cool, really distinctive. So the rabbi is a 40 mm figure too? Pity, there's a shortage of 25 mm rabbi figures. As in, none that I've ever seen.


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