Monday, 25 May 2015

Giving something back.

The main thing that keeps me blogging is knowing that someone is out there reading it. The comments from you dear reader and the feedback I get makes it all worthwhile. As we near 85,000 hits (thanks in no small part to strange Russian bots) I'm immensely humbled to see that 150 if you have decided to follow my little corner of the interwebz (as well as all you google + types). So I'm going to repeat the giveaway we did last year when we reached 100. 

Leave a comment beneath this post, doesn't have to be anything deep, just say hiya and let me know what project your working on. If you don't follow already don't be afraid to join up and join in. In a weeks time I'll randomly select a comment and I'll convert and paint a mini to send off to you to include in whatever project your doing. 

Thanks for coming over here. I appreciate every comment and every +1.
Cheers guys! 


  1. Count me in! I'm (still) doing McDeath and Norsemen, but my real fire right now is the Trojan War. I'll keep my fingers crossed! Thanks!

  2. That's some going! My own little blog has a ways to go yet!! Hoping to finish my grave pit markers for SAGA Revenants this Friday and then I *must* knuckle down to get my early war Germans finished for Bolt Action. Since after that I can start on Ancient Britain's for Hail Caesar! Busy? Just a tad... ;-)

  3. I like turtles and giveaways :)

    1. As for projects far too many.. but SAGA, Judge Dredd & Star Wars are all getting prepped atm

  4. congrats on your mile stone.

    Anything Mordheimy or Vulture warriors from dimension X would be cool if I'm lucky

  5. Hiya!

    Nothing oldhammer-esque at the moment, lots of WW2, but I have been meaning to put an Orc warband together for open combat, consisting of Kev Adams figures, both old Citadel figures and newer ones he did for other companies. I have the figures, just need some time and inspiration to get started...

  6. Just trying to clear the decks at the moment to start some serious work on either my Inquisitorial warbands or my Dark Angels - just not decided which to start with yet!

  7. Yeah Congrats on such a mile stone, like so many others, so many projects such a lack of attention span LOL.

  8. It's always such a pleasure to come around here really ! I love the interconnexion between a bunch of blogs especially !
    Rogue trader/2000ad civilians are a vert important Project for me th├Ęse days...

  9. Well done sir! Keep up the great work.

  10. Congratulations! That's a great milestone. At thee moment I'm working on an Inquisitor and a Rogue Trader retinue for my Inquisition meets Pulp Alley project.

  11. 150 is quite a number :) Congratulations on that. It seems a very short time ago I read the 100 followers post as well.

    As for projects I am working on: I am trotting along at my own slow pace, painting mostly just whatever strikes my fancy and is 28mm fantasy-ish. Overarchingly, I am sloooowly finishing off a Human City-guard warband for Open Combat, as well as painting up some adventurers (mainly dwarves and an elf).
    Next up will be bandits and possibly some orcs. But thats far into the future. I do want to finish some more bad dudes, as I am running a sort of mini-rpglite-campaign with Open Combat for my roomies. They chew through badies at an alarming speed!

    To not just make this a ramble - Here's a mini that I've just finished! The varnish is still drying, so I haven't flocked it yet.

    Cheers! Always looking forward to your posts.

  12. Well done on reaching 150 followers. I agree with you, comments ala feedback is what makes it all worth it. Regarding the pageview thing, it's really strange where & why these bots view your blog isn't it? I noticed that when I used "Dreadnought" in one of my blog posts I got a huge boost in pageviews......from China :)

    Anyway, ramble aside, I've got my Helsreach Hovertank on the go, a whole gaggle of Space Orks getting slowly painted up & a Warhammer Chaos Sorcerer as well.

    Love your work :)

  13. Congratulations on your milestone. May you get another 50 quickly! I totally appreciate comments as a fire that inspires more painting. I've got so many half painted projects underway it's ridiculous. My aspiration this year is to finish off some of the half painted stuff, so they may be stowed away as 'finished' figs.

    If I'm good I'll probably reward myself with some macrocosm not-hybrids, or some new imaginings on old school chaos dwarfs.

  14. What a lovely idea for your milestone!
    My current project is finishing off the last of the Talisman miniatures. Just a few more to go, and I'll have collected and painted the whole range, including toads and alternate miniatures. I am a sick completionist.

  15. Congratulations WP great to see a fellow Elizabethan Zombie gamer.
    Got a bunch of stuff in the offing - more Trained Bands and a plague doctor....

  16. Woo 150! I'm working on a bunch of RT inspired vehicle kitbashes - but they are secret for now (plus if i dont finish them noone will ever know ;) ).

  17. Each an every of your post is a pleasure to read.
    On the plus side, your top picture never stops tickling my warhammer rpg nostalgia, which is always a good thing :)

  18. Congratulations on the 150! Do the more followers you have give you more divine powers? Anyway Im sending some mana just in case! I'll replicate this excellent idea, when I reach 100 followers (Im not worried - Im only on 53!)

    At the moment Im working on a project to create an army of old school citadel Dragons... You know just the big expensive ones...:P

  19. Wonderful to see you gathering such a well earned following!

    I'm currently working on assembling my RT Space Pirate gang.

  20. Congrats on the milestone! Soon to be working on a blood bowl orc team, currently working on a nurgle mutie death racer for BYOL as well as an upcoming band of blade runner-esque cyber punks for another BYOL game as well as my undead army chundering along in the background

  21. Congratulations!
    Everyone out there! This Whiskey Priest guy just rocks! :D I'm the proud winner of the 100 followers giveaway and I got a gorgeous mini, lots of study, work and dedication. You're not gonna be disappointed! :)

  22. Wow! Congratulations on cracking the 150 mark! I really like the battle reports and your inspiring work. Keep it up! I'm still working on my retinues/gangs for Inquisimunda, Inq28mm and Necromunda.

  23. Hell Yeah!
    I dont know if I can be in your givaway, but I can give one good Reply!

    You make a hell of a Blogg Man ! I am a novice at painting my figures if I should dare to compare to you results! Even if we not blogging about the same type of figures or games I am still a big fan of Oldhammer figures and think I got at least a hundred or so...waiting to be painted.
    My projekts are Victorian per Mars 1889...

  24. Congrats on the milestone - been a pleasure to read new (and discover old) posts from you. I'm still working on a lead based Dark Elf army but getting ready to build a warband for Realms of Chaos and some sci-fi inspired shenanigans.

  25. Congratulations on the 150 followers!

    Currently working on IG Steel Legion and various Inquisitor bits and bobs, but it has been pretty slow lately on both.

  26. Awesome stuff!!! Chaos always Chaos. ;)

  27. Congratulations indeed. I am working on a flock of Citadel sheep! (joke)

    Keep up the great work mate!

  28. Congratulations!! Always enjoy popping in for a read!

    I'm working on soooo much at the moment but the genestealer cult is the priority!!!

  29. As LegioCustodes said, more or less verbatim. Congratulations indeed. Yours is a fine fine blog and I'm always happy to read it. And like him I'm working on a lot, only some of which is particularly olden in its hammering. But there's a genestealer cult . . .

    Good luck and rock on! Many happy returns.

  30. Oi
    who did you call 'strange Russian bot', eh? Im Russian, but not strange(at least I hope so) and certainly not a bot (last time I checked I'm a human being lol).
    Oh yes, congrats on the 150. You have a really good oldhammer stuff here. So, this is the reason why I signed up and check out the old posts here sometimes. Hope these strange Russian bots couldn't track me..

    As for me, I'm currently working on some Kev Adams goodness and various 6ed goblin stuff.
    Hope soon I'll start blogging too.


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