Thursday, 25 May 2017

Games Workshop 'Not Daft' Shock!

So you know that thing when you were a kid.

That feeling of being sucked into a strange land.

The feeling of needing to delve and discover what it's all about.

It might have been triggered by a glimpse at an older cousins collection of miniatures, a flick through a strange magazine, stumbling into a shop full of weird books and little packs of toy soldiers or simply the older boys playing RPG's at school and wondering how Advanced the AD&D actually got.

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Sometimes adult life throws you a sweet, overhand, sitter of a catch. My Mrs went off with the boys to visit a mate in Brum which left me with the girls who went to bed sensibly after Dr Who. Antipixi was left hanging by a couple of his friends and his mother-in-law came round to entertain his wife. Hey-presto, we have a game night! Antipixi jumped in his jeep and hotfooted round to the Whiskey Lounge and we threw down some min's and dice and had a go at Shadow Wars Armageddon!!!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Boss Level Villain

I've been in the painting doldrums recently, probably a combination of work stress and restless evening toddlers but I'm starting to force myself to pick up the brushes and try and get stuff done. This guy is the result of several fitful sessions.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Starchild (not the P-Funk kind)

Set THIS going and settle in.....

Buried inside Realm of Chaos : Lost and the Damned is one of the more interesting and obscure bits 40K lore. The relationship between the Emperor, The Starchild, the Illuminati and the Sensei. Now, I've talked about some of this before HERE so I'm not going to repeat myself but a document I've never see before popped up on the Book of Faces this morning and it cleared up some of the inconsistencies and vagueness that are in LotD section.

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