Friday, 5 May 2017

Boss Level Villain

I've been in the painting doldrums recently, probably a combination of work stress and restless evening toddlers but I'm starting to force myself to pick up the brushes and try and get stuff done. This guy is the result of several fitful sessions.

He's the leader of my marauder warband and ready to cause havoc across the old world. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that I've chopped up a classic chaos warrior and put him on the Chaos knights legs. I've mounted him on lightly converted citadel chaos horsey and given a shield that I picked up from Foundry, I believe it was sculpted by Kev adams.

Here he is encouraging his metal lackey's forwards. Cheetor pointed out that he bares a resemblance to Bill Nighy so I think we'll name him after him. Archfiend Wilhelm Nichtee, scourge of Sundalbad and destroyer of Glesserhoff.

I've got a game of 3rd ed coming up in a couple of weeks, only a 1000 pointer so I might run my chaos dudes out instead of my HobGobs. Let's see how I feel.


  1. What a fantastic classic old like papa Nurgle minis!!
    Love the colours.

  2. Lovely, great conversion. The choices of colours are very effective, and the green armour is full of colour without being too much. Nice shield as well.
    I like the Tomb King shield on the Marauder, nice idea.

  3. I love all the greeny blues and bluey greens! It's a great conversion and a really eye catching shield :)

  4. I love everything about this mini! Outstanding work Colin!!!!

  5. I really like how your chaos dudes are turning out Whiskey. I'm gunna annoy the hell out you at BOYL this year for some tips. Mine have been languishing in an unpainted state for far too many years now.

    He looks ace man :)

  6. You guys are going to sell me on this old Citadel fantasy stuff yet. That's . . . nothing short of awesome. Nothing at all short. It is the definition. Look it up. :D

  7. Great conversion! Perfect match!

  8. I've also been in the painting doldrums recently - I find it very hard to get motivated. But if you've managed to squeeze that magnificent marauder out of your funk, then you are doing OK in my books. He's just grand, and that shield is top drawer.

  9. Great painting, love the shield on this guy.


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