Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Terrain update

Just a quick update for those of you who don't do Facebook. I've built the 8 rooms and 9 corridor sections.

Speed painting a scavvy

Over on the Oldhammer forum and FB group, Orlygg accidentally started off a craze for attempting to speed paint a mini in an hour. As the Mrs nipped next door to baby sit for a bit I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't bother choosing colours or sorting paints out before hand as I was interested how long a normal paint job might take me. I decided to do another Scavvy for the gang and I took a photo every 10 minutes to document how I was doing.

10 mins - Some basic colours on skin, coat, trousers, hood and sleeves.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Dramatis personae - inq28

I've always wanted to have a go at playing Inquisitor but never really found anybody that wanted to give it a go. The development of inq28 (basically just playing inquisitor with 28mm figures) has got me interested in giving it go. Over at the Ammobunker there is a load of great modelling (although a bit too many true-scale marines for my liking) and even some gaming but there seems to be far more of the former where as I just want to try and gets some games in.

 I've always been interested cos of it's obvious links to Confrontation. The game system shares a lot of mechanisms with the old game and it would be nice to see how it works. It's a far more RPG oriented game rather than a wargame and it'd be nice to revisit that kind of world (having played tons of D&D, RQ and WFRP in my youth). The other reason is wanting to emulate the smack-down-coolness of the Dan Abnett books. Eisenhorn, Ravenor and the newer Pariah have all been thoroughly enjoyable reads and that kind of action would brilliant to recreate on the table top. I've suggested to some of the OGRE boys that might like a game and even offered to host and provide the mini's so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share them here as well.

First up is the choice if Inquisitors. A couple of power armoured head cases at either end with a couple of more run of the mill guys either side of a more radical and scary dude in the middle.

More terrain wibbling

I'm feeling the itch to build a new piece of terrain. I feel that I need something large and complex. Or a complex. It doesn't have to be large. Somebody posted on the Facebook group that they had a Forgeworld Anphelion base (alongside a ton of other cool stuff) and I suddenly thought it would be such a cool addition to a table set up. If you don't know what I'm talking about here is a pic.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Bicentennial spam

Well this is an auspicious post.

I've managed to stay focussed enough to write up 200 blog posts. I'm very proud of myself. Secondly I've just broken the 70,000 views mark. That along with now having 132 followers (and another 31 on Google+) means that I'm in a fairly good place with this blogging lark. Something my first couple of posts really didn't suggest.

With 200 posts and 70,00 views this means that each post should have roughly 350 views on average but as you can see from the table above some posts are far more popular than others.

By the same token this also means that there are blog posts that are shamefully under represented and these can be seen below. There are various reasons for this, they are short, don't need to be clicked on to be read (so therefore won't show up on the data) and are all from the first couple of months of my serious attempt at blogging. So here for your viewing displeasure are the 10 least popular posts on my blog! (the lowest is only 29 views and the highest is 57!)

10. stagathon-part-2 in which i have a look through the old school books that belong to my best mate

9. xenos-scum some olley aliens

8. xmas-painting &  the-best-laid-plans my latest figure plus what i want to get done

7. doc-done a completed time traveller

6. back-to-reality post wedding black orcs

5. 101-uses-for-modelling-tools-no1 I abuse a tool in order to get at some booze

4. family-photo another wip of the said orcs

3. camera-obscura older models that I found pictures of

2. testing-1-2-3 Black orcs skin test

1. Dr wip time traveller skin wip

Well there you go, 200 posts. Lets see what the next 200 will bring. Cheers to everybody that has ever dropped by and to the folks that are regular followers thanks for coming back over and over. I look forward to another figure give away when we reach 150 followers but for now I bid you adieu!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wasteman Kickstarter

I'm not normally one for advertising (ironic after the McDeath articles!) but I figure as I've pimped his figures on here a couple of times then you all wouldn't mind.

Thunderchild Miniatures is the brain child of a friend of mine and he has just started a Kickstarter in order to fund a load of miniatures and his own set of rules.

Mungo from my scavvy gang is one of his figures and his Game - Wasteman, is full of silly, oddball figures that would fit into all kinds of games.

Here are a couple of pics from his KS page.

Wander over to his site and the KS and have a look. There is some very cool stuff (I really want a Bugfoot for RT games!!)

Ps. And especially for my lovely readers, Jason has done a lovely pic of some mootants being herded by some swooping hawks who are doing a roaring trade in mootant cheese at local farmers markets. 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Necromunda at Erny's

OGRE convened around Erny's infamous kitchen last night and put our new Necromunda gangs to  to the test. As well as the host and I there was also Snicket and Mr. Rab in attendance as well as a couple of Erny's mates, one of whom's was Peter and the other was Al, who were playing a game as we arrived. As you can see from the photo's Erny has a hoard of the original Necromunda card and bulkhead scenery, something I've never played on before, so it was and old school treat for us all.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Tipping the scales

A quick update to show off the last two members of the scavvy gang. 
Two scalies add a bit more muscle and also some higher BS to the gang. They are a bit rushed but I'm happy with them. 
Tomorrow night the whole gang will be packed up and carted over to Erny's place for a night if necromunda fun. 
And here they all are before they are inevitably ripped a new one by some snotty spire dwellers! Expect some battle reports soon. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Whiskey's (un)Patented Scenario Generation post

In the style of the great Scenario generator in the Rogue Trader Rulebook (all hail the scenario generator!) as well as the smaller one in the siege book and the fabulously complex one in the unpublished Confrontation rules, I thought I'd chuck out a bunch of plot ideas. The main idea behind these is that, should any of my gaming buddies decide that they fancy playing one of them roll the scenario on the table (ahem!) then all I need to do is paint the requisite miniatures (that I already own) and invite them round for a game! Simple. We get a game in and I get round to painting some of the figures that are being neglected. Win, win.

So, without further ado, onto the plot table!

1. Bank Job
You thought you and the boys would get away with it. It was only a simple cred-heist. There was only a couple of guards and the customers didn't make any trouble. But someone set off an alarm. The Arbites are on their way, you can here the sirens coming. Time to get to the getaway car and get out of here!

2. Timetravel is impossible
You were called to the test department along with your squad by the big scary Mecahnicus Adept. Him and a couple of technicians were busy fiddling with some equipment they had found. They told you to stand still then ZAPP!!!
Now you are standing in the middle of nowhere. Weird plants and rocky outcrops surround you. There are some weird hairy guys shouting at you and waving clubs. And is that something roaring?

3. Those aren't easter eggs!
While exploring a newly discovered moon a exploration team discovered big pustules growing out of the ground. When they approached one of the building sized blobs, it burst open and 4 angry xenos destroyed the majority of the team. A single survivor reported the position of the 'eggs' before the contact went dead. There are more of these things. They need to be destroyed. You and your team have been given the job. Good luck!

4. The Assassination of Dr. Peppard
You and your gang never thought of yourselves as the religious type but when the Fabulous Dr, Georgious Peppard appeared in your hive and started to tell you all about the Gods of the Obverse Angle it made total sense to your dull and violent lives. So much so that you and your gang volunteered to be the good Doctors bodyguards. But now someone wants to do Dr. Peppard harm. You've heard that some mysterious figures have been asking about him and his whereabouts. You need to make sure he is safe as he goes from the bank to the church. It's along walk and your sure you can see something moving in the shadows.

5. Taking back the town
These bullying mercenaries have been lording it over the town for far too long. They smashed up Derwents bar the other day and swagger around the place scaring all the respectful folk. It's time something was done! We've had enough. Tell the boys from the brotherhood to dig out their weapons and we'll go teach em a lesson and kick em out of town, who care if they've got powered armour! We'll show em who's boss!

6. Dreddtastic
This war has been dragging on for ages. Every time we seem to be getting anywhere the Orks bring on more dreadnoughts. No matter how many get destroyed there are always more stomping onto the next battlefield. But we think we've found where they are making them. You and your team have been given the job of destroying the Dredd factory and any Dreads that are in the area.

Monday, 2 March 2015

That's how you do Oldhammer!

Some of you with long memories may remember a rabble rousing post I made some time back challenging folk to build a small warband of figures to prove that you could 'do Oldhammer' without having to spend silly money on ebay.

You can read my original ramblings here How do you start oldhammer?

You also may not know that there has been an ongoing thread on the Oldhammer Forum showing folks work and the progress there little bands are getting on Oldhammer forum thread

Then Last week James Holloway from http://gonzohistorygaming.blogspot.co.uk/ posted up his finished warband and I decided to share it here and also to show some of the other highlights from the challenge.

First of all here is a shot of his whole warband

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