Monday, 2 March 2015

That's how you do Oldhammer!

Some of you with long memories may remember a rabble rousing post I made some time back challenging folk to build a small warband of figures to prove that you could 'do Oldhammer' without having to spend silly money on ebay.

You can read my original ramblings here How do you start oldhammer?

You also may not know that there has been an ongoing thread on the Oldhammer Forum showing folks work and the progress there little bands are getting on Oldhammer forum thread

Then Last week James Holloway from posted up his finished warband and I decided to share it here and also to show some of the other highlights from the challenge.

First of all here is a shot of his whole warband

and here are the individual units

I particularly like this unit of thugs that are based on some dark age plastics and various heads and bits.
And this unit of converted mantic orcs

And here is the motley crews leader.
I'm sure you'll agree that he's done an excellent job of putting together a great little chaos warband from some models that wouldn't have occurred to most people. Top Job Fella!

As with most of these challenges, most folk never got round to finishing but the fact that people joined in and searched for all sorts of alternative figures was what made it worth while. So below are some other stand out contributions and the links to the owners blogs if I have them.


Dieselhorst painted up these gorgeous horsemen and has loads more figs to paint and you can see more detail about them here

Spacecowsmith converted and painted a horde of mini orange slann check out more of this kind of stuff over at

Blue in Vermont did these lovely Bob Olley sculpted space dudes and he may have even finished the 21 required! more here

Captain crooks did and ace job of converting these one piece placcy chaos warriors but I don't think he ever got round to painting them. Check out his blog

Olean did a lovely little ally contingent of pygmies. Little fellas are ace!

There is loads more on the thread that I couldn't copy over, including a scarecrow army, a skaven warband made with the latest box set figures and loads more. Thanks to everybody for joining in. Obviously this isn't over (i've not even finished mine yet) so if the idea of the challenge grabs your fancy, just join in! Cheers.

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  1. It's great to see such alterentive to GW's figures being painted up in such wonderful retro schemes, from newer figures to old classics, they all look great, I must really get round to painting my figure collection which I think must be near the 700+ mark by now......


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