Sunday, 8 March 2015

Necromunda at Erny's

OGRE convened around Erny's infamous kitchen last night and put our new Necromunda gangs to  to the test. As well as the host and I there was also Snicket and Mr. Rab in attendance as well as a couple of Erny's mates, one of whom's was Peter and the other was Al, who were playing a game as we arrived. As you can see from the photo's Erny has a hoard of the original Necromunda card and bulkhead scenery, something I've never played on before, so it was and old school treat for us all.

The four of us decided to play a 4 way game, a straight gang fight with each of us starting off in each corner.
Snickets Eschers

Erny's Orlocks.

Rab's Guilders

My Scavvies led by Mungo made a move towards the Eschers.

While the rest of them moved towards Rab's Guilders. And to be honest, that's about as far as they got.

Necromunda is a funny game in that even if you survive being shot you still end up flat on your arse unable to do anything. After the Escher Heavy Stubber had knocked poor Mungo out and a shotgun hit had taken out a couple of Scavvies behind him I was already teetering on the brink of having to take bottle tests.

Rabs guys moved to intercept the oncoming smelly horde....

While the Eschers moved out of immediate danger and into some cover....

Where my one useful shot of the game floored all three of them (only one wounding hit though)

As more scavvies tried to push this tiny advantage, Rab's Lascannon armed guilder (yes, Lascannon!) vapourised one of the scabies (who had ran out of ammo anyway) meaning that I had to take a Bottle test. And guess what? Yep, they failed and went running. First off the field. The other three kept the game going for the rest of the night and were all still in till way after I'd finished my second game against Al. However, Erny bottled first after his leader was taken out (not before a rather amusing game of Simon says involving a Raskin on Overwatch and one of Rab's poor mercs) followed by Rab voluntarily bottling when he realised that Snickets team were mostly untouched and outnumbering him.
Still I got a second game in.

Al was a lovely Gent and just like me, slightly confused on the rules and was fielding an Escher gang. We chose a straight Gang fight and set up on opposite board edges.

 I put a large force on my far left that included Mungo and the two Scalies, and the rest went for the middle tower.

Both sides spent a couple of rounds moving up as stealthily as possible.

Before the shooting started with a vengeance .

The Scaly with scatter cannon let rip at three of the girly gangers hiding behind some crates taking out two of them while a lady with a lasgun took out one of the scavvies in the tower.

Meanwhile, Mungo introduced a couple of ladies to his length of pipe, battering one into the ground like a tent peg. This meant that Al had to take a Bottle test, which he promptly failed, handing me the game.
Of course as it's a campaign, what came next was lots of dice rolling and writing stuff down, giving advances to all the figures and gaining new skills and what-not. I did however manage to leave all that at Erny's which means I'll have to go through it all again!
Still, I had a great time and Rab's first intergalactic outing seemed to go really well so I'm looking forward to the next set of games. Right, I'm off to roll some dice and look up some charts (and no, Snicket, I won't just choose the skills that I like the best, I promise).


  1. You beat me to it! It was a good evening's gaming, though, and I look forward to a rematch with a more narrative scenario next time now that I have a (very) vague idea of what the rules are... Although if Mungo is going to keep flopping his hefty pipe out I might reconsider ;)

  2. Looks like great fun! Necromunda can be incredibly quick and brutal, and equally long and drawn out, depending on how you hold your nerve. What were you using Mungo as?

  3. Good barrel. Finding Necromunda pretty brutal at times too with our current campaign. Mostly the dreaded bottle test comes up pretty quickly and as you say is almost always failed :-)

  4. I'm thinking is starting a necripomunda gang and this battle report has pretty much convinced me to do so!

  5. Dude, my Bro still has your roster (at least he did this morning when we packed up) so message him on the forum and he'll maybe scan it over to you.

    It was lots of fun and we'll defo be doing more of this! I think maybe we need to get your Ferrograd (I think that's what you called it, I apologise if I've gotten that wrong) boards involved too.

    1. Don't worry about it, I've had a lovely time doing it again. Still no inventor though! And blind bob got an advance this time!

    2. And yep, ferrograd is right, I've got a 4x4 flat board tat we can use instead of the smaller contoured board we used last time.

    3. sounds perfect Bud, I look forward to it.

    4. Which of your fellas did I give a "slight limp" to with that lascannon?

  6. Looks like a lot of fun.
    What is Mungo? I mean rules-wise. :D

    1. An orgyn bodyguard from the citadel journal.

    2. I painted him for RT games but we decided to keep him in for 'Munda and use him as an Ogryn hireling. I haven't quite decided if he is actually an ogryn or just a big mutant! Probably the latter. :)

  7. What a set-up! The scenery is amazing - and you got some great photos too.

    Who killed Dr. Black? It was Mungo is the kitchen with the lead pipe! Urk. I'm mixing up my games.

  8. Damn, it looks like I missed out big time!

    I hope I can make the next installment (if you guys don't mind an addition to the group).

    1. One of the beauties of Necromunda is that the system has a "handicap" system for less advanced gangs so new gangs can come in and join in at any time without too much problem as whilst you may find the going hard in a game against a more advanced gang the rewards, win or lose, are greater to help you advance quicker to get to the same sort of level.

      Or, in other words, Get'cher Gang On!

  9. Necromunda is a fine rule set. I quite like the push/pull between staying close so you can unpin, and spreading out to avoid heavy weapon fire. Hiding is *very* handy to do. I have almost the exact same terrain set, it's quite good, but I do think that a bit of scatter terrain would go far to make it a bit more balanced for less shooty armies (like the scavvies). You gang looks boss by the way.

  10. Looks like a brilliant game was played !

    Well done people ;)

  11. Next time I'll get to fire a shot at you. I knew when you bottled it I'd be next off, left as I was in the middle.


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