Friday, 27 March 2015

Dramatis personae - inq28

I've always wanted to have a go at playing Inquisitor but never really found anybody that wanted to give it a go. The development of inq28 (basically just playing inquisitor with 28mm figures) has got me interested in giving it go. Over at the Ammobunker there is a load of great modelling (although a bit too many true-scale marines for my liking) and even some gaming but there seems to be far more of the former where as I just want to try and gets some games in.

 I've always been interested cos of it's obvious links to Confrontation. The game system shares a lot of mechanisms with the old game and it would be nice to see how it works. It's a far more RPG oriented game rather than a wargame and it'd be nice to revisit that kind of world (having played tons of D&D, RQ and WFRP in my youth). The other reason is wanting to emulate the smack-down-coolness of the Dan Abnett books. Eisenhorn, Ravenor and the newer Pariah have all been thoroughly enjoyable reads and that kind of action would brilliant to recreate on the table top. I've suggested to some of the OGRE boys that might like a game and even offered to host and provide the mini's so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share them here as well.

First up is the choice if Inquisitors. A couple of power armoured head cases at either end with a couple of more run of the mill guys either side of a more radical and scary dude in the middle.

And then a whole load of figures that could fill up the warbands.

Raging crusader, specialist trooper, psyker, mutant/operated on victim, ex guard sniper.

Psyker, Ex gaurd fighter, dapper gent, feral warrior, gang fighter.

Masked gunman, interrogator, Arbite, ex gaurd communication officer, interrogator.

Ad-mech priest, Eldat ranger, another psyker, navigator, Another Interrogator.

And here are some that are needing painting.
A veteran with a cyber-arm, a combat servitor/chrono-gladiator, and executioner/huntsmen, ex-pirate, Skitarii.

So there we go, a fair amount of figures built for a game I've never got round to playing.


  1. I have a 54mm ganag too that never got to be played in anything either ^^'

    Those models are wonderful and really scream "play me". I did try some 28mm scaled inquisitor (before inq28 bacame a thing back in the day and it was pretty fun I have to say, totally unbalanced and stupid but fun, all I've always loved.

  2. Like all rpg-inspired games it really benefits from having a GM, and suffers for the lack of one. Either way, you have a really gorgeous collection of fantastic and unique minis there!

  3. Wow! Lots of cool figures there, including a few I do not recall seeing before.

    I love Inq28, and it has really be driving my hobby for the last 5 years or so. And I have even more figures than you have, although fewer painted, and even less likely to ever play the darn game...

    I guess I just like to build them?

  4. Excellent stuff! I really like how you've completely changed the character of many of the figures with a simple head swap. My favourite is the Inquisitor with the Mordheim hedge knight head :)

  5. Wow, that selection is a real treat! You are spoiling the OGRE guys :)

    The Abnett books played a critical role in me getting to the stage that I am at now with my toy soldier gaming. That sort of James Bond, Mission Impossible in spaaace (with baaastards) is exactly what I have bee trying to emulate since, via a number of rulesets.

    Just like Confrontation, I am very keen on the Inquisitor ruleook background and less so on the rules. That doesnt mean that I wnt be very interested in seeing a little of the stories that you guys generate with that woderful selection of miniatures though :)

  6. Nice looking warbands! We always used 28mm back in the day, mainly cos we already had the minis and scenery. I'm intrigued to give Inquisimunda a go too. :)

  7. Really great stuff with tons of charm, very clever use of bits, I love those conversions and the paintjobs! Excellent!

  8. I missed this post, I'm in!

    Great work on this figs Dude, will be a delight to have a game.

    1. Cool, we'll need to get it arranged, Barney and Antipixi also fancied joining in.


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