Friday, 6 March 2015

Tipping the scales

A quick update to show off the last two members of the scavvy gang. 
Two scalies add a bit more muscle and also some higher BS to the gang. They are a bit rushed but I'm happy with them. 
Tomorrow night the whole gang will be packed up and carted over to Erny's place for a night if necromunda fun. 
And here they all are before they are inevitably ripped a new one by some snotty spire dwellers! Expect some battle reports soon. 


  1. Oh dear, there are loads of them! I'm looking forward to it. Great painting as always.

  2. Wow, there are loads as Mr Rab says, should be fun, The Cleaning Crew are hoping to mop em all up!

  3. They look awesome! Great work on them, I like how atmospherical they look.

  4. Great paint job, the overall aesthetic is quite menacing. Good luck on your followers roll for your scavies boss, fingers crossed for mutated dogs.

  5. wow that is one great looking bunch of rag tag misfits if I ever did see one....


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