Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The enemy of my enemy.......blah blah blah!

Just thought I'd throw up a quick post with showing the warbands that the Sensei will be fighting against at the weekend. Above is the finished warband of Vlag Half-Iron - Desecrater of Falx. Behind him are 4 renegade legionaires of unknown provenance, Farlg the Zoat and 8 traitors from the Serendite 65th.

Inquisitor Gremardine and his accompanying warriors. 5 marines from the Space Sharks chapter, seconded for his current mission. The inquisitor himself. Sebastiard Tullene, a human psyker, sanctioned by the inquisition and 6 stormtroopers taken from the local segmentum special attachment forces.
I need to pack everything into a single backpack for the flight. This means figures, rules, scenery, dice, tape, clothes, toothbrush and underwear! Wish me luck!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Random Inquistor

If you've been reading you'll know that I'm going up to Edinburgh for a weekend of drinking and gaming. I've done the Sensei Warband and I'm nearly finished the Chaos Renegade Warband. There are going to be three of us and I've been thinking about how it would be cool if we can squeeze in 3 games, taking each other on once and everybody getting a chance to GM. This got me to thinking whilst on the long drive home yesterday about it being the start of a little campaign with the warbands developing as we play. This is fine and dandy for the two warbands that i've got sorted out but what about the third? Thinking thematically the perfect third party would be an inquisitor and his warband. According to Lost and the Damned the Inquisition are just as likely to be hunting down the Sensei as Chaos renegades so why the hell not.
This does leave me with a problem though. How to develop the Inquisitor's warband in the same way as the other two. Only one thing to do. Make up stuff!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Search for 'Rouge Tarder'

What is it that keeps me, and many like minded beard herders, coming back to Rogue Trader? Why are we still basing our gaming on a rule set that's nearly 30 years old and has been superseded by 5 newer versions? In this post I'm going to have a good chat with myself and try to figure out what is wrong with me!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back once again like a renegade master!

I think I may have set myself a bit of an impossible mission to get all these figures painted before next Friday. 'But you've got loads of time!' I hear you say. Ah! But no! Tomorrow we head off to stay with relatives for the rest of the week. The wife and I are both still up to the ears in nurgles love and I go back to work on Monday. So my painting time will be limited to the evenings after the kids are in bed and the wife has grown bored of my face. Still I'm not doing too badly. I've got the renegade, 4 marines and a Zoat done. 
I'll get more pics of the whole bunch when I've got more time. 
This leaves me with another marine to do - either the heavy bolter one (I reckon it may be too powerful for the game I'm planning) or another one that's in the post- and 8 humans. I've got the figures undercoated and the first fleshtone on so I'm on my way. Piccies next week. 
A little taste of the clash to come. Cheers! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Not in my Dojo!

The wife and I are both choked with the flu that we caught off the wee man as we looked after him this week. He's fine now but we are both plodding around after him like a pair of nurglified zombies. Strangely it has given me time to get my Sensei warband finished, seems the painting takes my mind off the crappy illness symptoms. So with out further a do......
The whole gang with the 3 newly painted figs in the front row.

101 uses for modelling tools - no 4

One of the members of the Sensei Warband that I rolled up was a squat. Now, I've got some squat models and back in my teenage days I'm sure I had a lot more ( god knows where they've gone!) but none of the models I had felt right. So I took to eBay and started thinking about buying one. Christ they're expensive! Then, someone on the Facebook group mentioned ratlings and how the new sculpts were as big as squats and a plan hatched in my head. The ratlings were going much cheaper than squats and I'd always admired the figs so I bought a couple. How hard can it be to make him look like a squat? 

Size comparison, rogue trader squat, modern ratling, rogue trader ratling. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Yes Sensei! (including '101 uses for modelling tools - part 3')

Anybody else get the Karate Kid reference? Asslessman posted an article on his Blog the other day
about building up a Sensei warband (as featured in the currently silly-expensive second Realm of Chaos book - Lost and the Damned) and it reminded me that I'd already put a figure together with the concept in mind. I'd also been trying to think of something to base a game around when I head up to Edinburgh in a fortnight for a weekend of blokedom. As I'm flying I wanted to try and cut down the number of figures I going to travel with and the Sensei concept struck me as perfect. So I dug out my Sensei figure and started rolling for companions. The first two were a Human hero and a Psyker.

Monday, 3 February 2014

More Misery in Scumsville!

Another day in Scumsville

After the destruction of the imperial force under Inquisitor Ictarine, Arbite Captain Grandall Farnshceck was tasked to recover certain items from the field. He chose to take 7 members of the local PDF, 5 with lasguns, one flamer and one plasma gun, all had flak armour and Captain Grandall was wearing carapace and carrying a pimped out shotgun.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bad day at Scumsville!

Osiris Klunge travelled to the backward, abandoned, imperial outpost of Hope's landing, better known to all the local law enforcement operatives as 'Scumsville!' 
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