Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The enemy of my enemy.......blah blah blah!

Just thought I'd throw up a quick post with showing the warbands that the Sensei will be fighting against at the weekend. Above is the finished warband of Vlag Half-Iron - Desecrater of Falx. Behind him are 4 renegade legionaires of unknown provenance, Farlg the Zoat and 8 traitors from the Serendite 65th.

Inquisitor Gremardine and his accompanying warriors. 5 marines from the Space Sharks chapter, seconded for his current mission. The inquisitor himself. Sebastiard Tullene, a human psyker, sanctioned by the inquisition and 6 stormtroopers taken from the local segmentum special attachment forces.
I need to pack everything into a single backpack for the flight. This means figures, rules, scenery, dice, tape, clothes, toothbrush and underwear! Wish me luck!


  1. That's a good looking pair of warbands you have there, WP. I look forward to the game reports :)

    Say hello to Auld Reekie for me, would you?

  2. Dude, buy a cheap toothbrush up there!

    Cracking looking Warbands, really must get into this Rogue Trader malarkey!

  3. Absolutely lovely guys you got there! The colour scheme is great in both cases and the overall aspect is gorgeous!


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