Sunday, 16 February 2014

101 uses for modelling tools - no 4

One of the members of the Sensei Warband that I rolled up was a squat. Now, I've got some squat models and back in my teenage days I'm sure I had a lot more ( god knows where they've gone!) but none of the models I had felt right. So I took to eBay and started thinking about buying one. Christ they're expensive! Then, someone on the Facebook group mentioned ratlings and how the new sculpts were as big as squats and a plan hatched in my head. The ratlings were going much cheaper than squats and I'd always admired the figs so I bought a couple. How hard can it be to make him look like a squat? 

Size comparison, rogue trader squat, modern ratling, rogue trader ratling. 

Armed with some basic tools I got stuck in. Now, I'm no sculptor but I figured I'd  give it a shot. A blob of green stuff for the nose, shaped with the wooden pointy thing. Add a beardy shaped bit and shape it into a tache. Stick a bit of plastic rod  for a cigar and hey presto! Squat sniper! 

While I was at it I gave the Eldar a nice fur scarf and a little gem. I'm quite chuffed. I even got them painted! I'll show them off in the next post! Cheers the now! 


  1. They're looking really awesome! What is the system you're using for this warband? I should really read back the previous posts right? OK, I'll stop being lazy and go and do that now..................

    1. The Sensei Warband are featured in Lost and the Damned and the Chaos Renegades are in Slaves to Darkness.

  2. "someone on the Facebook group mentioned ratlings and how the new sculpts were as big as squats"... that was me! Im therefore taking a sliver of credit for your fantastic work ;)

    The Eldar conversion is subtle but works very well all the same. Very cool stuff


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