Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bad day at Scumsville!

Osiris Klunge travelled to the backward, abandoned, imperial outpost of Hope's landing, better known to all the local law enforcement operatives as 'Scumsville!' 

He came to do a deal with Osbert the blue and his gang of xenos cut-throats. They had something he wanted.

Osiris and his henchmen set up around the base of the statue of Saint Bobulost and waited on Osbert's lot to appear.

A second group of cronies skulked about near the old lifter pad. Osiris had sent his pet Psyker along with them so that they could keep an eye on him.

And a 3rd load stood about admiring each others muscles.

Unnoticed by the gangsters, the Ordo Xenos inquistor, Julianus Ictarine, advanced his warband and a squad of Stormtroopers onto the field.

Each unit brought a psyker with them. We can always shoot them if things go wrong!

A third squad of stormtroopers infiltrated into a ruin further down the road.

As Osbert the blue came into view Osiris' thugs moved in to meet up and make the exchange, all man-hugs and bonhomie.

The two squads of imperials move forward and start to hose the gangsters with bolt and lasers.

The gangsters jump to the other side of the barricade and start to return fire. The psyker opens his mind to the warp, preparing to blast the on coming enemies.

Unfortunately he gets possessed by a daemon instead. Much hilarity and panic ensues. (we were too busy laughing to read the rules properly so the guys in the bunker got off fairly lightly.

While possessed psyker wandered off to find out who those strange people were.

The inquisitor and his pet psyker rushed the bunker in the confusion and opened up point blank at the nearest scumbag who managed not get himself killed but was knocked down.

The main group were gradually taking casualties while Klunge and Osbert did their business (oo-er!)

A high-level drone shows a birds-eye view of Inquisitor Ictarine defending himself from the Gangsters counter-attack at the bunker edged. He didn't do well.

The return fire from the gangsters managed to pick off the advancing imeprialists. Linz lost 5 figures in the round including his Inquisitor.

The mysterious strangers were still trying to avoid the possessed psyker but were beginning to intrigue the two players (I was Gming!)

The third group of stormtroopers finally get moving to where the action is. (lazy gits)

Hans takes a couple of shots at the possessed psyker hoping to scare him off (as each player got a turn moving the possessee he did a lot of wandering back and forward splatting the occasionally xenos with mind-blasts. Poor Hans was was soon to be next!

With only two imperials in the way (actually cowering in a building, the emperors watching you know) the gangsters make a run for the table edge under the landing pad, winning them the scenario. They had got the secret item off the table and managed to avoid getting any of the xenos captured.

Oh. Wait a minute............

Great game. We used necromunda for rules but I just allocated figures to the two players and already had the scenario worked out. Dr. Payne, the time travelling meddler, was just meant to wander across the board and if any of the players approached him his sonic-pistol would leave them with no ammo and confused look on their face. I rolled a one.

Had another game this morning so i'll try and get it on line asap. Cheers!


  1. Sci-fi gaming at it's very best!

  2. Colour me envious, great game with great models on a great table, that's 3 times more fun I could have myself... Good thing is that it is highly motivating to see you display such quality gaming. Thanks, much enjoyed.

  3. Hey, that's been enjoyable! I like what I've seen there, eager to see more of that!

  4. The terrain is lovely and consistent: nothing beats a terrain set that looks like a set rather than a pile of bits collected over the years.

    As for "Unfortunately he gets possessed by a daemon instead", if I had a Guilder Credit for every time that I heard that. Considering the hostility of the warp based on occurrence of daemonic possession in games one really has to wonder how the hell psykers last long enough to become trained or make it to another warzone/city/side of the street.

    Groovy photos. A great blend of modern and RT era aesthetics, very nice.

  5. I can't take credit for the terrain, that's all down our host, Linz, one of my oldest mates and it does help that he works for GW, you can't argue with a bit of discount scenary! The possessed result is always a giggle, just didn't expect it on the first turn! Thankfully I was GMing so I got to deliver the news!


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