Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Yet again, I've failed to paint anything Orcy or Orky for Orctober so I thought I'd adopt my own new month and paint up some of my long promised Hobgoblins. I won't talk about the figures much as I've already done so here and here

Instead I'm just going to show of some pictures.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Swing low shitty chariot.....

My inablity to get anything painted due to massive amounts of procrastination was inspired by the Chaos Marauders, mixing various green skins with other nasty types in order to make a mixed up mongrel of an army. Hopefully my next post will show some progress in this area but while I was pondering (I do a lot of that). I started doing a bit of research about which one (who are we kidding, the concept of an all chariot greenskin army were only a short day dream away) I might like to purchase.

It turns out that citadel have made a fair few chariots for the goblinoid fraternity over the years. What follows is a little meander through the two wheeled mayhem that is the Goblin Battle Chariot.

FTG13 Gnoll / Goblin Chieftain's Chariot
The first example is from the very early '80s. These guys were originally known as Gnoll's and there was quite a substantial range of them. They were later renamed as Fantasy Tribe Goblins and then later again as C12 Great Goblins.

Monday, 26 October 2015


Da boys had heard that some stoopid 'umies had dared to come out of their fortress and had been chasing each other all over the dunes. It was time for some mobile crumpin!

Two trucks and a buggy raced through the cracked mud wastes looking for easy meat.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Fantasy Warlord

So. It's 1990. Games workshop are at the height of their powers. They are still run by the Auteur-like Bryan Ansell and are still producing material for Rogue Trader and WFB 3rd Edition. So if you are one of their Illustrators or an ex-head buyer and Financial Director what makes more sense than attempting to launch a rival game in order to steal away their custom? Thats exactly what Gary Chalk and Ian Bailey decided to do. Fantasy Warlord is a set of Fantasy mass combat rules that was intended to rival GW's behemoth. They even launched a magazine to support their new game. I think the name they chose adequately illustrates their attitude to their competition.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dirty Chaos Warriors

I actually found myself painting again last night. Inspired by experimenting with washes I started on a unit of chaos marauders.
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