Monday, 26 October 2015


Da boys had heard that some stoopid 'umies had dared to come out of their fortress and had been chasing each other all over the dunes. It was time for some mobile crumpin!

Two trucks and a buggy raced through the cracked mud wastes looking for easy meat.

The mercs saw them coming and bundled the kidnapped pay master back into the death cab. A bit of backpay wasn't worth going up against a bunch of speed freaks! Time to scarper!

As the death cab sped off a lucky shot from the big shoota took out the driver of the Gorkinator which swerved and crashed into the only building in the mud plain.

And at the moment a Imperial guard pursuit vehicle rumbled into view. The Buggy took a shot at it with it's rockets but missed. The other truck opened up with the big shoota and damaged the tracks enough for it spin and come to a juddering halt!

The occupants piled out and shook themselves into some kind of rough firing line.

As the two ramshackle vehicles closed they were more interested in stopping the death cab from fleeing than mowing down the guardsmen who opened up at the vehicles and killed the gunner on the buggy.

The gorkinator got itself going again and used its boosters to set of at high speed after the death cab, both blasting it with their big shootas but only killing one of the mercenary crew.

Only for the superb shooting from the guardsmen to send the other truck cartwheeling into it's path, flinging the remaining crew across the mud and causing the Gorkinator to t-bone into it.

The angry green skins poured out of the vehicles intent on making some meat popsicles out of the stranded 'umies, only to be chopped to bits by the disciplined fire of the guard.

With the deathcab long gone and the works dealt with nothing was left but the long trudge home.


  1. That was an odd bit of pathos at the end... poor orks. All they wanted was to gut some 'umies like fish. Oh well, next time!

  2. Good to see the half term being used properly.

  3. Terribly cool! The setting looks great and so do the vehicles, looks like tons of fun!

  4. Top shelf stuff, just awesome looking =)


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