Friday, 29 April 2016

Knavecon here we come!

It's been coursework season at work and if anybody has ever worked in education, you'll know that trying to get teenagers to hand work in by a deadline is fruitless and frustrating task. Still to cheer me up I'm off on a plane tonight to meet up with a bunch of strange men I met on the internet. That's right, i'm deliberately discarding the internet safety rules we teach our kids and going to a foreign country on the promise of some games of toy soldiers. It's the Wipster weekend. Knavecon here we come! All the contributors to the Scale Creep blog (bar the poor old Ozzy Captain Crooks who will be making virtual appearances like Holly froom Red Dwarf) plus various other O'Hammerers are heading to deepest darkest Ireland in order to play some games, drink some alcohol and talk a lot of shit.

The afternoons gaming will be made up of multiple games of Frostgrave for which we've all been slaving away on warbands for donkey's. You'll have seen mine before and you'll be able to see other folks ones on Scale Creep.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tradgardmastare! Come on down!

A couple of posts a go I celebrated the momentous arrival of my 200th follower (welcome to the 201st, 202nd, 203rd and 204th by the way, a cheery wave in your direction).

To mark the occasion I am giving away two figures that I've converted and painted. One was to go to the Responsible One who won a similar give away for the arrival of 150 followers (and who I failed to reward). Because of this I gave him first choice and he chose the Inquisitor model.

This means that the Rogue navigator model was to be handed out to one of you who commented and expressed a desire for him (I included those that didn't show a reference as well) and the winner is Tradgardmastare!
 Well done son!
All we have to do now is figure out how to get in touch and give me your address.

I know you're out there somewhere.....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I was Oldhammer before it was a thing!

As is my wont during a lovely long Easter holiday, I took my knackered old car and drove off, in a Northerly direction, to visit my oldest and dearest friends. After a stop off in Nottingham where I spent the night ruminating on many things Warhammery, planning a heroic escalation campaign between two Empire armies, raking through boxes of figures and hinting heavily about how I didn't have them, volunteering to paint his Tilean gang and forcing him to watch the 2000ad documentary (he enjoyed it immensely and as he is a big fan or Vertigo comics was surprised by the discussion of it's existence being a direct result of the US pinching 2000ad talent) I jumped back in my car and headed up to Edina. The main purpose was to go out on the Lash with another dear friend who also had the pleasure of turning 40 (which we duly did on Saturday) but I also had the chance to chat to his lovely wife and quiz her on her pregnancy (me being an expert and everything). What I also got to do was rake through his collection of old publications and borrow a couple. These were all books that he inherited from his aunt way back when we were but ickle gamers in the 80's. Probably around '88 I reckon. These magazines were, however, even older than that.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Happy Birthday- Emporium of Rogue Dreams

As I'm sure you know, there are many ways to get to know other loons on the inter webs who enjoying spending the family budget on little toy soldiers. Through blogging and the Oldhammer Forum i've met loads of like minded old farts but one of the most commonly used mediums is good old Facebook and in particular the groups. I'm a member of fair few but on that deserves a mention is the Emporium of Rogue Dreams which celebrates it's first birthday today.

The Emporium is a place where sci-fi oriented toy soldier fiends form around the planet get together and share their latest creations and lunatic ideas. No Fantasy, no trading. Just old school flavoured space war fun.

The emporium occasionally runs loose projects and what could be termed 'competitions' (my recent Abdul Goldberg being an example of challenge that finishes in May). If this sounds like your thing then have a quick perusal through the images below and if you are in anyway intrigued follow the link above and ask to join and see what you can contribute.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

200 followers! Time to give away a figure! And apologise to theResponsible one!

My funny little blog has attracted 200 highly intelligent and discerning people to take part in my endless toy soldier meanderings. It time to celebrate! Knowing that you lovely folk actually spend your time reading the badly spelled and poorly edited thoughts of middle aged miniature enthusiast fills my heart with satisfaction and even the little bit of joy that my grumpy scots genes will allow.

It's become traditional around here to celebrate another milestone in the number of followers the Leadpile has gained by giving away a figure to one of you lovely people.

Thing is, last time, I offered to do this but failed miserably. The responsible one was the very kind man who won the draw last June but this event coincided with a massive dry patch in my painting. It's something we all go through from time to time but the need to do a figure for the give became psychologically wrapped up in the period and I've never gotten round to doing a figure for the responsible one. So, apologies of the most humble kind and time to rectify this heinous of crimes.

Below you will see two figures. I've emailed the Responsible one and offered him the choice of figure to become the one he should have received 9 months ago.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Khan you feel the force?

Every horde of rampaging green skins needs a boss to keep the squabbling masses in line. Some hardened individual with a strong sword arm and particularly thick skin on his back. This is the grand nabob of my Hobgoblin Army. A hobgoblin Khan mounted on a deadly Temple Dog ready to lay waste to the pink skins pathetic empires throughout the world.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Setting a good example

End of term at school means two things, Assemblies and 3 hours stuck in a class room with your form group. My group are year 7's which means they are 11 or 12. By the time I got to the room this morning the crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks were already being consumed. They were going to be high as kites till break time. The kids in my form split into three groups, lovely girls, nerdy boys and pain in the back side little grotty boys. I had to keep as many of the boys entertained as I could (especially a little tub of lard with a voice like a high pitched fog horn that we shall call Derek) in order for there not to be a riot of boredom.

So I pulled out my copy of Advanced Heroquest plus some of the old dungeon floorplans sets and braved my newly painted figures and went dungeon crawling with a whole heap of noobs!

At first I managed to attract about half a dozen of the boys to play. They each chose a figure to play and they were given quick and simple instructions. They could move 6 squares at a time and open doors and then we'd see what was in the room. I wanted them to get into the action quickly so that I could hook them. 

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