Friday, 8 April 2016

Khan you feel the force?

Every horde of rampaging green skins needs a boss to keep the squabbling masses in line. Some hardened individual with a strong sword arm and particularly thick skin on his back. This is the grand nabob of my Hobgoblin Army. A hobgoblin Khan mounted on a deadly Temple Dog ready to lay waste to the pink skins pathetic empires throughout the world.

The model mixes several elements from various stages of GW's Hobgoblins evolution. The Khan himself is actually Ghazak Khan who is a special character from the Dogs of war period.

Normally he would be mounted on a big bad wolf but I don't have it so my Khan gets an upgrade and gets to roam around the battlefield on a Templedog!

Again my Temple Dog didn't have it's original rider so they were a match made in heaven. The Temple Dog gets an entry in Warhammer armies so may not be familiar to those that only use the main rulebook. They are quite nasty beasties.

The Khan was also missing his sword so I had to build him a new one out of plastic. I couldn't resist the opportunity to make it bigger and badder to suit his status.

The last part of the model is the Back Banner, something that is essential for any greenskin commander about town. I didn't have the one that came with the Temple dog so I had to use what I had in the bits box.

This one comes from the classic mounted Orc characters (I actually have the guy on the far right but I have special plans for him!) and fits really well.

I decided that the Khan needed a comfy place to sit so I green stuffed him a saddle to sit in. Nothing fancy just a bit of leather and fur to protect his Knackers from sitting on the solid Jade Doggy.

Now that it was all built I mounted him on a round base with a couple of weathered pieces of wood pretending to be rocks and started painting. I started with the dog and my first attempt at Jade turned out to be pretty acceptable so I stuck with it. I'll add a layer of gloss at some point to give it some sheen. The armour and skin of the Khan was den after that and then it was just a case of filling in the gaps. I did go for some yellow shoes though. I seem to have a vague memory of them being a buddhist thing but I may be making it up. The final thing to paint was  the shield. I hadn't had a go at doing the classic orkoid face on a shield so having consumed three bottle of Innes and Gunn by now....

I figured this was as good a time as any to give it a go. After working out a quick sketch on a bit of paper I laid in with some mid brown and worked up through ochres to near white.

I'm happy with the result. Not what i'd describe as professional but certainly gives that learning, freaky face I was going for. Anyway enough of me talking crap. See ya later.


  1. Truly a worthy general for your force mec ! Fantastic model reall y !

  2. Nice work and the shield looks suitably gnarly!

    Never mind the dog - you can colour me green with envy for your Temple Dog...

  3. Spot on! It's a seamless assemblage of parts, making for a much more interesting and unique character as a result. The paint job is great - love the shield!

  4. He is rather special - perfect for leading the Green hordes.

  5. What a warlord! Looks splendid Colin!

  6. That is all kinds of awesome sir!

  7. Beautiful work. The jade on your doggy is pitch perfect. That's also some badass tiger skin on your Khan.

  8. Awesome work - really good combination of models to come together to something that looks like it belongs together.


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