Friday, 29 April 2016

Knavecon here we come!

It's been coursework season at work and if anybody has ever worked in education, you'll know that trying to get teenagers to hand work in by a deadline is fruitless and frustrating task. Still to cheer me up I'm off on a plane tonight to meet up with a bunch of strange men I met on the internet. That's right, i'm deliberately discarding the internet safety rules we teach our kids and going to a foreign country on the promise of some games of toy soldiers. It's the Wipster weekend. Knavecon here we come! All the contributors to the Scale Creep blog (bar the poor old Ozzy Captain Crooks who will be making virtual appearances like Holly froom Red Dwarf) plus various other O'Hammerers are heading to deepest darkest Ireland in order to play some games, drink some alcohol and talk a lot of shit.

The afternoons gaming will be made up of multiple games of Frostgrave for which we've all been slaving away on warbands for donkey's. You'll have seen mine before and you'll be able to see other folks ones on Scale Creep.

But I also decided that my wizard was a summoner and that meant having to paint some demons incase he and his apprentice actually managed to get a spell or two off. I also got some treasure markers done. I still haven't got a game in so I fully expect to have my wand handed to me.
Excuse the shitty photography, I was in a hurry!
The mornings gaming will be a multi-player RT game which I will be GM'ing, Entitled 'The Dorty Double Dozen' the game will feature 12 players with 2 figures each. They are attacking the base of a notorious mercenaries and pirates. They will be fighting their way throw an alien Jungle to attack the baddies hidden base. I've got a whole load of opposition fro them to deal with!

and if the plot reminds you of any particular film then these guys might be popping up and opportune moments to make things even more tricky for our dozen or so heroes.

My feet are cold. BASE ME!!

How the hell are you going to deal with dozen players? I hear you cry. Well each player will be represented by a card. The players cards plus a couple of Mook cards and some additional surprise cards will be put in a deck. The cards will be dealt out in random order and the player will take their turn when their card turns up. Cos the baddies (the mooks) will have cards in the pile as well you never quite know when they are going to get their go in the order. Suspenseful isn't it?

As well as a turn card each player will also have a stat card. One of the players figures represents a hero and the other represents their sidekick. The sidekick is essentially an extra wound for the hero but while he is alive he also adds a special rule, maybe an + for their shooting or their armour save and obviously they also have a gun to shoot with as well (unless they are a small cat). The players figures will have to remain within an inch of each other and will be targetted as a pair. This means that at some point the player will have to sacrifice their sidekick in order not to lose their last wound (or their first wound if you are feeling particularly non-heroic).

So that's the weekend. Expect updates on FB throughout the weekend. I'll make sure we post lots of pretty pictures! Cheers! 


  1. Your RT game sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. That RT pic full of pirates and adventurers is just awesome!!

  3. Wow, sounds like a great weekend, and the RT game should be loads of fun. Take a ton of pictures for us poor folk who can not participate.

  4. Envious! Sounds like such a fun weekend and I love love love Ireland.

    Looking forward to pics and a report!

  5. I will have to second Diego about the RT adventurers photograph. What a collection! (:

  6. Wow, those are two motley crews, ready for adventuring on the "wild side"! They've really got "looks that kill", and that summoner looks ready to let out a "primal scream" and "shout at the devil"! (or Netherlord)

    OK, I'll stop that. Anyway, great job. The double dozen scenario sounds like a wild game that could really be a lot of fun, and potentially total chaos (and therefore a lot of fun).


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