Sunday, 3 April 2016

From Post (office) to (blog) Post

Last week I saw this guy on an eBay auction and decided that, yes, I would quite like a giant. After a quick chat with seller I got him for a very reasonable price. Job done, now to sit behind the letter box and wait on him arriving.
This is how my new Giant looked before I got my paws on him
While I was waiting I thought i'd check out what I had. He's a C28 giant designed by Nick Bibby (he of Great Spined Dragon fame. In fact my original intention was to be cheeky and use him instead of a dragon on scale creep but I've been set straight by the Captain). The Giants came out in '87 and were multipart figs with a whole range of choices. Looks like my one is a Ninefingers Smouldergaze with a huge axe (my collectors muscle is twinging!)

I remembered the advert from White Dwarf 94 and they look a bit cartoonish here but the gangly warped bodies are entertaining.

I came back from work on Friday to find one of those dreaded red cards behind the door. This meant having to traipse down to the Post Office to pick up my new prizes (there are more but we can talk about them later). As soon as I got back (11.30?) I dropped the big boy into the Fairy Power Spray. Family stuff ensued for the next couple of hours but on the way to the loo i couldn't avoid taking a peek at my new Giant. Lo and Behold! the paint was already coming off!

A quick scrub and some picking of muck it of the folds and I've got a bright, clean, metal Giant. From that point on my patience didn't show itself at all.

After scrabbling around for a base (i settled for 50mm) I had him glued together and undercoated by 3 o'clock.

By the end of the day I had his flesh done and was itching to get on and get him done ( i actually made a mistake and started off with the wrong skin tone but he's worked out pretty well despite it)

And by 5o'clock today, he's done. Lichen on the rocks and some toadstools on his base and my Hobgoblins have some heavy support.

From Post Office to Blog Post in about 30 hours. I'm happy with that.


  1. Fantastic post! Great figure and paintwork....good to see someone so enthusiastic

  2. Impressive, both result and speed are worthy of praise !

  3. Fairy Power Spray ? Is this what you use to strip old paint ?

    1. Thats the citrus fresh version which is useless. There is another version which is much better.

  4. Impressive speed and a great result. Skin tones are fantastic.

  5. Fantastic effort, I wish I could do the same more often.
    Nice post.

  6. Everything about this is awesome!

  7. Those goofy old giants are very appealing, they would make a quite a unit.

    You did it proud too, great stuff.

  8. Quite nice, and 30 hours from post to finished paint is something to be proud of indeed.


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